Hungary · 1 Days · 6 Moments · September 2016

Budapest, Hungry

16 September 2016

Tonight we went on a river cruise. Riding on the water and seeing all the building light up at night was a sight to see. It was also nice to be doing something but not have to be on our feet. One of the girls has a Fitbit and we have walked approximately 12,000 steps a day
Today we walked to castle district. It was across the river. Bunch of shops and really cool buildings. We sat down to eat lunch and I had golash soup and chicken piparka and butter dumplings for lunch... OMG so delicious!!
We got on the train to Budapest at the main train station in Vienna. The platform said Budapest so we knew we were in the right spot. Little did we know that the train split in half, half went to Budapest and the other half to the airport. Of course we were on the part going to the airport. But we didn't find this out until on of the women working the train came in and yelled everyone had to get off the train. We were so confused. So we all got off, waited for the next train back to Vienna. This was about 30-40 min. Then waiting in Vienna for another hour for the train to Budapest. The ride is supposed to be 2.5 hrs. We left at 1542. We did not arrive in Budapest until 1930. Somewhere along the ride the train stopped for an extended amount of time and we didn't realize it. We were either sleeping or just enjoying each other's company too much. Arriving in Budapest in the dark was not ideal but we made it to our hotel just fine!
First night out in Budapest we stopped and got appetizers and drinks and then walked around to a couple bars. We ended up finding a really cool karaoke bar! Everyone was so good! It wasn't too far from out hotel