United Kingdom · 5 Days · 10 Moments · February 2019

5 February 2019

3 February 2019

Yesterday we all woke up and planned to go to the thermal baths. After a pretty rough night for everyone the 40min walk to the baths did us all good. The walk gave us a chance to see some of the amazing architecture in the city. The baths themselves were amazing and we spent 2-3 hours just relaxing and swimming around. After that my roommates and I decided to go find some dinner. We ended up at this Hungarian cafe/restaurant and the food was amazing and so cheap! The nights activities consisted of yet another bar crawl and it was such a fun night. Everyone on the trip has gotten so close so it’s fun to run from bar to bar with everyone!

2 February 2019

What an insane day! After getting 30mins of sleep we headed off to the airport in the snow. The snow had delayed our flight as it was supposed to leave at 8:20 but ended up leaving at 10:20. Once we arrived we got a coach to our hostel. The hostel itself is huge with its own bar which gives the place such a buzz. After getting dinner at a nearby restaurant we had a quick power nap and got ready to go out. This night we had the ruins bar crawl which consisted of 4 bars followed by entry to a nightclub at the end. At the first bar we were allowed unlimited free beer and wine for an hour and at the other bars we could have free shots. The night was amazing and we all bonded so well however I’m not sure how many people made it to the club at the end of the night! There’s going to be lots of sore heads today!

1 February 2019