Austria, Germany, Brazil · 26 Days · 32 Moments · February 2018

Bruno's adventure in Brazil

24 March 2018

this place is wonderful, you take fruits direct from the trees and they make you juice, you fish and they cook for you.. the taste is just delicious.

18 March 2018

With my family

17 March 2018

I live where you want to go on vacation

16 March 2018

With my beloved friends.. it’s always so much fun 😍❤️☺️

15 March 2018

Goodbye one more time

13 March 2018

the most famous lasagna in the whole world, with the best company ever.
The best food is the one prepared in pans made out of clay, as our grandma used to cook. There is no better taste than that.

12 March 2018

When I checked my phone I saw this amazing birthday message! Thanks a lot guys! This team is just amazing!!!! Thanks for the cake B! 😍
In the evening my friends from the police department invited us to have pizza and celebrate my birthday. Amazing team that I had the pleasure to be part of. Real friends that I will carry for my whole life.
Today I had the opportunity to share some of my experiences abroad with the freshman students in my university. It was really great. They were so curious, asked so many questions that we spent more than 2h talking. It was also really great to see all my professors.

11 March 2018

Went with lovely family for a walk and ice-cream around the beach.
Then a super sweet cupcake to close the lunch time.
Today we had lunch with our old friends. Junior made Rhaisa’s favorite: Crabs cooked with coconuts 🤤

10 March 2018

a bowl of mango just for me. I love my family ❣️
That is how I like coffee 🤤
Backflip attempt: I failed miserably
My place is just beautiful

9 March 2018

Bruno’s birthday, we had to anticipate the party so all family could celebrate together

8 March 2018

Enjoying the night with my family

7 March 2018

With my girls
Having a great coffee with my lovely family at Empório Cookies 🤤

4 March 2018

Tough day in the beach 😎

3 March 2018

Went for dinner with my mom, Sister, brother and grandma. I missed them so much.
Lunchtime: Churrasco 🤤
We finally made it!! João Pessoa!

28 February 2018

After 12h of flight from Germany to Brazil and after 2h waiting our last fight to our home town we finally made it. Rhaisa sharing her style. As aways 😂

27 February 2018

Now the second flight to São Paulo. Waiting 3h in Frankfurt.
Depois de um ano e meio voltando para nossa terra. Tentar fugir um pouco desse frio intenso, pelo menos por alguns dias. ☃️❄️🛫🛬🌴☀️