United States of America · 6 Days · 7 Moments · December 2017

Bruce's tour through Florida

15 December 2017

To finish off our trip we went to Sanibel Island, then to Manitee Park, St. Pete’s beach and Gulfport. The beaches at Sanibel Island are mostly composed of sea shells so we had fun looking at all the different kinds of shells. We also watched some real dolphins playing but didn’t manage to get any good photos of them so I took a picture of Santa with his dolphins instead. At Manatee Park, there were at least fifty manatees hanging around there and we enjoyed watching them for a while. They are hard to take good photos of but it was interesting to watch them. Our flight home went smoothly and we arrived home safe and sound after a fun trip.

14 December 2017

Had a great time exploring the Everglades National Park. We took a hike in one part of the park and saw a few alligators, turtles, birds, and fish. Then we went on an airboat ride in a different area and saw a few more gators and had a blast on the boat. Afterward, we had a tour of the companies facility and got to hold a baby alligator which was very cool. Then we drove to Naples and along the way we saw dozens of more alligators and an incredible number of birds. We even saw some pink flamingos but didn’t get a photo of them. Fantastic wildlife viewing today and we had a great time.

13 December 2017

Had a very enjoyable day wandering around Key West and exploring some of the sights there, including Earnest Hemingway’s House and the southern most point on mainland USA. We had a fairly early start to the day due to some roosters that seem to be free roaming around the town and like to start crowing about 4:30 in the morning. Later in the day, we drove up to Florida City. From here we will head out and tour the Everglades tomorrow.

12 December 2017

Today we toured around Miami Beach and the Art Deco district which is much nicer than downtown Miami. Then we went to the Little Havana district and walked around there for a while. It is a really fun area with lots of art shops, great restaurants and coffee shops all with the Cuban and Spanish culture. From there we drove south to the Florida Keys and ended the day in a Key West. Driving through the keys, you can really see the destruction from the hurricane. All along the sides of the road are piles of debris from the clean up just waiting to be hauled away. The debris piles include boats, motor homes, trailers, fridges, mattresses etc. as well as all the tree branches and such. There are a lot of homes completely destroyed by the hurricane so it will be a lot of work to totally rebuild from the damage. This evening we walked around Duval Street area which is full of fun shops, bars and restaurants. It is definitely a fun part of the keys with live music playing everywhere.

11 December 2017

Monday we drove from Titusville to Miami taking a few side roads and just touring along the ocean. The photos of the birds are from Jetty Beach Park near Fort Pierce. We had lunch at the Manatee Island restaurant but didn’t see any manatees this time. In the evening, we hopped on the metro mover which is the downtown sky train and saw some of Miami city at night.

10 December 2017

We flew into Orlando yesterday and went for supper at a cool restaurant called Yellow Dog Eats. Today we traveled to the Kennedy Space Center and had a very interesting tour of the NASA space program. It is pretty impressive to see the massive size of the rockets and the technology that goes into the space flights. It is also pretty amazing how much they have spent on making these space flights. We watched a 3D IMAX movie of the international space station and it had some incredible videos of the earth as seen from space. Surprisingly, on the bus tour of the launch pads, we also saw crocodiles, a turtle, and a manatee.