United States of America · 9 Days · 51 Moments · March 2018

Bruce & Leilani’s journi to NYC

10 March 2018

New York boots at home.

6 March 2018

Tiled Dome of New York City Center visible from our hotel room. Can’t be seen from any angle on the street.
View from MoMA’s sculpture garden.
Packing our “Leavin’ NYC Trunk”
Wish I could remember to take photo before I start eating the work of art. This is half eaten eggs Florentine at Norma’s in Parker Hotel. Fruit smoothie, fresh-squeezed orange juice, French press coffee, tiny potatoes and bacon Divine. Yes, I (nearly) finished it! Ready for the day! Second photo is Bruce with complimentary fresh fruit smoothie.
Breakfast at Norma’s in the hotel.

5 March 2018

Monday night back in our hotel in our room on 36th floor. Notice our window open to sounds of the city.
Carnegie Hall by our hotel.
My girls chat up the chef at Le Coq Rico. Dinner by the bird tonight.
Dinner tonight at Jeffra’s favorite French restaurant, Le Coq Rico. CEO of Protegrity joined us for lively disussion of raising chickens and distilling brandy.
Tea with Jeffra.
A sewing/knitting/embroidery desk later 1800’s, Virginia. The next two photos show detail of hand embroidery.
Leilani entering the hall which houses the America furnishings exhibit.
The Three Bears...from the Bronx zoo
How does a knight on a horse wear such a skirt?
Weapons and armor for Lloyd.
Where Leilani wants to sit and do needlework. There are two small fountains among the mosaic work.
The Tiffany Windows under archway whose capitals depict budding, opening, full flower, and blown blossoms (a ring of one type only on each pillar)
Leilani in Ancient Egyptian Temple Plaza.
We spent two hours in the Egyptian galleries beginning 4100 BC. Forgot to take photos of the evolution of pottery, basketry, fiber-to-weaving, tool making. It’s the Canopic jars that intrigued us as children; now it’s the delicacy of linen made 3-4 thousand years ago.
Somebody died happy.
Enter if you dare.

4 March 2018

We would eat in this tiny restaurant weekly. Might bring Lilly because she would love it. . (And we wouldn’t tell anyone else about it.)
Supper at Souvlaki. Greek salad (no greens) and mixed grill shared. Desserts to go.
Central Park sundown
Set for “Three Wise Guys”. The sheets were used for shadow puppetry as well as rear projection. Clever design.
Tea before “Three Wise Guys” matinée at Theater Row.
Leilani and Trent at Chelsea Square Diner for Sunday Brunch.

3 March 2018

Driver’s bell fell off his handlebars on Broadway!
Bicycle cab back the 11 blocks to our hotel after CFA.
Interior and set at Gordon Schoenfeld Theatre production of Come From Away. What a wonderful, uplifting show. Eager to see it again when it tours. Reallly eager for high schools to get hold of this one!
Tickets in hand. Waiting in the lobby.
Thai for supper. Leilani and “dancing Chicken”.
Tea in our hotel after MOMA.
Afternoon tea
Mama Rue at MoMA too.
Notice that each leg is jointed differently
More from MoMA
Our Doorman. Either one.
View from our floor. That is Central Park.
Needlework on plane
New York boots

2 March 2018

Nowhere to go but up! First meal on trip is in Romulus. Throwback to Big Boy days. (Took a Brawny Lad to go,too)
Bruce struggling with technology. Anything beyond a crank phone pisses him off.
Leilani found the Brawny Lad on the menu near our “park & fly” hotel.