United States of America · 4 Days · 16 Moments · June 2017

Brooke's tour through United States of Ame...

27 June 2017

Loving life!!
The reason we ventured to Austin!!

26 June 2017

Been there done that-Rainy Street!!
Tried to experience the bat bridge but instead experienced this batty woman!! If a woman named Mary from FL ever approaches you run for the hills!!
Checked in at Lone Star Court
Paddling on the Colorado River! #lifebeginwhenustepoutsudeyourcomfortzone

25 June 2017

More of our beautiful dinner - the fact that we couldn't eat due to the scorching sun! Our buffalo bodies would not survive here!!
Our dinner view!! Holy F*** its hot out here!!
Living the life!! Grapefruit vodka and water to hydrate😬 Day drinkin is the best! #luckladies
Spa baby!! We got all our tension rubbed out!!

24 June 2017

Momma hold me!!
First stop anchor bar in airport!! 1 beer for me along with a Bonine. Cara might have to hold me during the flight!!