Indonesia · 1 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Me and my wedding dress

4 August 2017

Tony again says don't worry I've got this! Of course it then starts raining, so we fold the dress bag over so it stays dry and tony the hero gets the dress safely to dry ground :) Our villa is not ready so we take the dress to the nearest bar and get a drink. I keep the eye on the dress ...I'm beginning to think my dress is like my travel pet.
I first started documenting the travel with my wedding dress when me and my hubby to be were boarding a boat to Nusa Lembongan Island. There was no jetty to walk along and gracefully step onto the boat..instead we had to pay a porter $5 to carry our 2 large suitcases across the crashing waves about 100m to load on the boat. I gripped my wedding dress and thought who do I trust most to carry this prized possession and not let it get wet or drop into the water..definitely not me! So hubby to be the hero he is carried my dress safely on his shoulders to the boat. I sat up the front of the small boat hoping the waves would not crash in the dodgy windows and soak my dress. Then I started thinking how the fuck are we going to get off the boat at nusa Lembongan..hopefully there's a jetty. The girl sitting opposite is on the boat looked a bit sea sick I thought don't you dare spew anywhere near my dress. We arrive on nusa Lembongan.. there's no bloody jetty ahh!