Malaysia · 1 Days · 12 Moments · February 2018

Broga Hill, Semenyih

25 February 2018

10.39am. Having a early lunch 辣汤 and 火爆肉😍
9.09am ✌️ challenge completed 🙌🏻😆
8.55am.. while chitchating while take photo, resting to enjoying the beautiful view, so in this time still on the way down😂 share some road way here 💪🏻 The big rock is the hardest challenge on this hill, I can’t believe I can make it ✌️ the big rock photo taken from google image 🤣
On the way going down, of course won’t forgot about take some nice photos 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♂️
Is time to get down, nice view after sunrise
After sunrise up there, is time to take a wefie and meet some new friends 😆😆 有缘再见👋
Yeah 🙌🏻 hello sun 🌞 good morning 😆slept tight yesterday night ? 😂 7.40am saw the whole sun rising ☀️
7.27am, sky become more and more brighter 🌅 But still waiting for the sun to raise ☀️
Reached hill top on 06.53am✌️ Waiting for sunrise 🌅 Feel very cold and windy in this moment 😂
Reached 2nd stop on 6.10am 😁 night view of Semenyih city
On 5.56am have reached the 1st stop of Broga Hill 😁
Woke up on 2.30am, depart by 3am and 4.26am have a breakfast at MCD before hiking💪🏻 Reached Broga around 5.20am, get ready and warm up awhile, reached the main entrance on 5.34am.