United Kingdom · 3 Days · 6 Moments · July 2017

Summer 2017 ~ England

1 August 2017

Our next stop was Lacock. We had a little more time there and decided we would have lunch first since we were quite hungry. We had lunch in a pub where we decided what we would do in the time we were there. After some talking and a some good food we settled on the first option our guide proposed. We would meet him an hour before we would go driving again and he would give is and others that showed up at that time a tour through the village showing us some famous shooting locations for movies like Harry Potter. But first we had about 45 minutes before the tour so we walked out of the village to a the lacock abby. It was a stunning building, of course to get inside we had to pay but we were still able to get up to it quite close and since the weather was alright we admired the nature before causually hiking back. We joined our guide for the tour before we went back to our small tour bus and drove to the next location.
Next stop was Avebury, sadly I didn't take any pictures there but I did take pictures of the surroundings while going there. On our way there we saw one of the famous white horses. When we stopped there there were also some real horses that trotted up to the fence to greet us. The bus driver gave us some carrots to feed them and we stayed for a little while to pet the horses and look at the beautiful environment. When we got in the bus our guide told us our next stop was going to be the place we would be able to have lunch, so we were excited!
First stop, Stonehenge! We got out of the small bus and went down to the toilets first. When we walked back up to the parking lot Richard had bought the tickets for us to get group discount. So we payed him, took our audio tours and walked down to the shuttle busses. The shuttle bus took is to Stone henge where we walked around for about half an hour. I did think stone Henge was cool dispite the hords of people around it. The Weather turned on us and got rainy so when we finished we powerwalked back to the shuttle bus and made a beeline for the café. After a good cup of coffee, let's not forget it was still morning, we went back up to the bus and when all eleven others were back too, we started driving.
The Next Day was a packed one. We had booked a trip with madmax tours to see more of the environment and the little towns that England hid in it's gorgeous hills. This tour started in Bath where we arrived a little early for the tour. We decided to explore a little of Bath. The Weather was really good so it was not bad to have to wait. When the busses arrived our guide named Richard jotted down our names and checked our booking. When he was done we stepped in the bus and sat down so to occupy the front row seats.

31 July 2017

Next we drove to the place that would be our home for the next 10 days. The next day, which was also my birthday we only went out to town to get some cakes and stayed home for the rest of the day. In Bradford on Avon we took a walk around the town and explored the little streets. It was a small town so we saw most of it in one walk. Because this holiday was some time ago and I don't remember the exact dates I compiled all the photos of Bradford on Avon in one.

30 July 2017

My mom and my dad and I flew from Amsterdam to Bristol. The flight took 1 hour and 15 minutes but due to time difference we landed only 15 minutes later than we left! At Bristol my aunt and uncle came to pick us up.