Panama · 6 Days · 16 Moments · January 2016

Brittany's trip to Central America

17 January 2016

While my journey in Panama City ends, I head north to David. A city tucked into the mountains. It will be interesting what is to come.
Day 5: My last full day in Panama City. Today, I wanted to make sure to finish up seeing a last few things in the city. I took a taxi down the Amador to The Islas to see the Smithsonian center there. It was small, but it had 3 green sea turtles, 2 nurse sharks, starfish, sea cucumbers, frogs, and a bunch of fish. It was basically completely outdoors. After I finished with that, I decided to walk part of the way back because it is a breathtaking view with the Bahia de Panama, canal entrance, and the bridge in the distance. I became hungry and longed for fish, so I headed to the largest outdoor food market in the city for sea bass. The meal was delicious but I still had more to do. I walked back to Casco Viejo. There, I went to the Museum of Religious Artifacts and the Canal Museum. Both were really cool in their own ways. I decided to suck it up and walk back to the hostel. Long walk, but the sites made it worth it.
Day 4: Woke up ready to go. I decided I wanted to go to the Parque Natural Metropolitano, which is a rainforest located within Panama City on the second highest mountain in the city. It was a short taxi ride there and once I arrived it was time to start hiking. I completed all of the trails for a trip of about 6 miles. The trails took me to the top of the mountain which provided plenty of incredible views of both the canal and the city. It was quiet in the rainforest, but very relaxing and the plants and trees were really cool. I saw a two-toed sloth, lemur, turtles, lizards, and many acostis (which are like large guinea pigs). After several hours of hiking, I was exhausted so I caught a taxi back to town and grabbed food at a stand by the road up to my hostel. There I spent a relaxing evening readings and doing research.
Day 3: Woke up and quickly left Hostel Goce and took a taxi to Kame House Hostel, which was located on Cerro Ancon, the highest mountain in Panama City. The hostel was cozy and right away I knew this was more my speed. It was a large house, probably with about 4 floors and a rooftop balcony and basement. They had tvs with netflix, a pool table, and wifi. I had a bed in a shared dorm and it was pretty quiet. After settling in, I decided I wanted to see the canal. So, I started walking. Well, it was really hot and pretty far, so I took a cab to the Port of Balboa and then onto the Miraflores locks. The canal was cool to see. Then I headed back to the hostel for the night. There I met an Australian, an Ecuadorian, and a woman from Holland. They invited me to have dinner with them and we had ribs and chorizo with bread, salad, and wine on the back porch. It was a really nice day.
Day 2: Woke up exhausted, but that is always how it is for me the first night away from my own bed. I decided I needed to get out and see the city. Hostel Goce was in Santa Ana, a barrio of Panama City right next to Casco Viejo. So, I decided to start there. It was a cute little neighborhood with some brick and cobblestone streets lined with colorful vintage buildings. I saw many of the sights and grabbed a small pizza at Barrio Pizza and headed back to the hostel. I stayed there and relaxed the rest of the evening and figured I needed a new place to stay. Booked a place for 2 nights nearby in Ancon and got some much needed rest.
Panama Canal- Pacific Entrance
Day 1: I arrived in Panama City via Tocumen International Airport on time and quickly cleared immigration and customs. Then I found a taxi (pretty expensive, but it was 11pm) and headed to Hostel Goce. Hostel Goce was difficult to find and ended up being a huge whole in the wall. There was a bathroom in the room however the shower flooded the whole floor because there was no curtain or divider. Children were screaming and it was musky, but they did have ac which was nice. As I went to bed that night, I lay wondering if I could actually do this...
As I head away from Panama City it is hard not to reflect on my time there. I might have only been there for 5 days I feel like I got to know the city. So, here is my play by play.
Kame House Hostel

16 January 2016

Casco Viejo
Amador Walk

13 January 2016

Casco Viejo

12 January 2016

Waiting in Atlanta International Airport to take off...
Just waiting in the airport...
Well, here I am sitting at Reagan International Airport in Washington DC. I never thought this trip would actually be happening! I am finally on my way to Central America. I could not be more excited. Wish me luck!
Boarding Pass