Italy · 14 Days · 13 Moments · June 2016

Brittany's adventures in Italy

13 July 2016

The Vatican was so beautiful, it felt like such a blessing to walk into.. As soon as you walk in there is holy water, and there are beautiful pieces of art everywhere, every one of them tells a different story! I bought rosaries from inside the Vatican and I look like a grandma with my blue Rome cover, but I was wearing a dress that showed my shoulders and their rule to get in is to cover your shoulders and knees so they made us buy or bring one, (I had to buy mine) the trip was my favorite of everything I've seen in Italy! Such a holy place💕

12 July 2016

Today was a very calm day, didn't do much but we had some fun! We got icecream, walked around and tonight we went to an Italian birthday party! They celebrate the big 18 with a party set up similar to a wedding reception, everyone is formal and there are gorgeous decorations and lovley food! I had a great time today, tomorrow is my last day in Italy.. But I will be posting my goodbyes and more about Italy later ❤️💋

11 July 2016

Rome is so beautiful! And it's only day 1 in Rome!!😍❤️ today we visited something off my bucket list which was the fountain! It was everything I wanted it to be it was beautiful💕 I threw in a euro and I'll never forget it😋 tomorrow is the coliseum and more😛

10 July 2016

Venice is so gorgeous😍 not very much to do unless you wanna ride a gondola, which is expensive so we didn't do that, but the views are nice! If you can ever finally get your way to "the square" I think Claudia called it lol then you will find some amazing buildings with so much beautiful detail 😩 I've notice that most important buildings here in Italy have real gold pieces of art on them and they're not small either! These are huge buildings with very beautiful meanings!! We also got our feet pedicured by little dotter fish! It tickled and felt like a million tiny kisses on your toes 😂 but it was a very nice experience after a long day of walking! They also had beautiful love locks on some of the bridges, and that's definitely something I want to do with my boyfriend some day❤️🔐🇮🇹 thank you Venice for letting me explore all you had to offer today😋 it was wonderful!

8 July 2016

More food 😍❤️
Milano italy❤️🏎 Ferrari store is so beautiful! Sorry if pictures are kind of blurry, I was in a hurry lol but I bought some beautiful stuff and most were reasonably priced! Any guys dream store for sure!!! I loved it😍! Can't wait to take my man one day 😘🗺💑
Milan here we come 😍🗺✈️🛫👛

7 July 2016

Selinunte parco archeologico ❤️ home of the Greek gods🇮🇹 such a breath taking experience to walk where some of the most ancient architects built this 2,500 years ago🏛 no machines just determination. It was such a beautiful view and so much fun to learn about📸🗺 I had an amazing time today 😊
THE FOOD OH GOOD LORD😍 gelato, pastries, pizza, pasta.. I could go on all day😭 although they don't like Mac and cheese😒 were living lol! The food is so amazing! Some things are familiar while others are like nothing you've ever tasted😛 the drinks are mostly like at home, since the legal age here to drink is 18 we have wine or something with meals, and it's such a nice compliment to it! Claudias mom is an amazing cook and the restaurants/ icecream pastry shops are wonderful🍧 Between the food and drinks, Italy has America beat by a long shot 😩🇮🇹🍕🍝
This is the city of cefalù🏛 a beautifully huge Catholic Church💚 a very big city that holds many tourists📸 inside is beautiful stained glass and the top center ceiling is made of pure gold💛 it's a wonderful feeling walking into such a beautiful building, although inside are some things you wouldn't find at your local church like tombs with real people in them, but again this is very historical and has a lot of meaning to the people of cefalù! I'm so incredibly blessed to have been able to see such an amazing place and experience these things 💕🇮🇹 Italy isn't done surprising me yet! We leave for Palermo, Milan, Rome, Venice, and Selinunte in the morning😋

3 July 2016

Oh the club😈 Louisville is nothing compared to an Italian club! The music is most American/Italian music, with some heavy beat drops and amazing people to meet! Some are on the beach like club 147, and some are outside/inside dance floors and bars like club coconut🍾🌴 I've met so many amazing people here! Night life in Italy is defiantly how you want to spend your time! It's so much cooler and everyone is out and ready for a fun time😋 Ive also learned so many new dances from all the people I've met! ❤️ the club is very important to Your night routine😍

2 July 2016

A few days in and here are the beautiful views from our friend Claudias house in capo d'orlando! 😍 the beaches aren't all sand there, they are pebbles and rocks and some sand! The water is beautifully clear and you can see all the little fishes in the sea! We swim out farther here than we do in America because there aren't any sharks but I'm still scared of the jelly fish😅🐙 so far we haven't seen any tho lol.! It's very hot! Much hotter than your usual vacation in Florida or myrtle beach. I've already tanned like 3 shades darker 😂 but it's hard to want to get ready because you know the heat will just ruin it anyway lol! 7/2/16

29 June 2016

The trip here was beautiful! A long 13 hour flight which included 3 different flights! Lol! Not that fun for someone that has never flown before but this was June 29th my first day away from home😊 I arrived in Palermo, Italy the next day🇮🇹❤️