Australia · 55 Days · 15 Moments · July 2017

Brittany's adventure in Charleville, Queensla

17 September 2017

On my way home for a short stay then back to Charleville I go, for more adventures 😁😁

9 September 2017

Purple Sky, Purple Sky!!!

2 September 2017

Morning walks been paying off, losing weight, working hard and beautiful scenery to top it all off. Having a blast in QLD outback

31 August 2017

Went to the local historic house. was completely taken away by all the local history they have stored there. It is definitely something to see when visiting Charleville. These are only a few of the pics I took, had a great time 😊

30 August 2017

Been abut slack on keeping count but here are a bunch of photos that basically show what ya can get up to when u have just a little bit of down time. Loving it out here 😊

13 August 2017

The sunset makes the work worth it all

7 August 2017

Awesome last few days, got to be doing slot of things that I love: Horses, photography, country air, great people I love and of course dogs. 😃

3 August 2017

What else would do u do when it rains, besides revamp ur aunties pine-cone and stick statue thing haha not bad outcome 😃

31 July 2017

So not too much has been happening since we have arrived we kinda just got stuck into our work but yesterday, I went horse riding with my aunty!!! It was so frigging amazing I couldn't believe how awesome it was. It was only my 3r time on horseback and I am so proud of how well I did. But today I am feeling it, I can tell ya I am a bit sore. Especially tonight, but it's all good. What's that saying; no pain no gain, I totally agree.

25 July 2017

One last pit stop before we reach our destination, awesome metal work!!
How many places have u seen real cotton on the side of the road?
Somehow these 3 sheds in the middle of nowhere remind me of the 3 stooges 😂
The small things in life can make many things look more beautiful. Landscapes of our awesome Aussie land.
The sun wants to come play 😁
Up and ready before the sun!!