France · 6 Days · 16 Moments · August 2016

Brittany, France 2016

31 August 2016

We got up at 4:00 in the morning to drive to the port where we got the ferry back, we had a cabin though so we all had a good sleep

30 August 2016

The last evening we ate dinner at Le Mole and it was a beautiful night
On the last afternoon we went snorkeling at the beach near Anselm's house and there was a beautiful sunset :)
We went to the supermarket SuperU and I got Macarons
The last morning we went to Blancs Sablons beach and it was beautiful

29 August 2016

The next day we went for another walk at Porspoder with much nicer weather! We had a barbecue that night with Gwen and Anselm :)

28 August 2016

On the third day it rained :( however we made the most of it and just went for lots of walks but the coast.

27 August 2016

That night we ate dinner at 'Le Mole' and I ate a lobster which was delicious!
We visited the beach where we went body boarding and swimming in the sea.
The next morning we visited the market of Saint Renan.

26 August 2016

After a quick trip to the beach we went back and ate supper which was fresh oysters followed by seafood pasta :)
We ate lunch at 'Le Mole' and then headed to the house where we were staying.
Once we arrived we headed straight to the fishing port.
We then drove the 5 hour drive to Lampaul-Plouarzel which is the village where we stayed.

25 August 2016

We got the 11 O'Clock ferry from New Haven and arrived in Dieppe at 4 in the morning.
We drove the 4 hour journey from Norfolk to New Haven where we got the ferry.