North America, Asia · 35 Days · 52 Moments · November 2018

Britney's tour through Thailand

15 December 2018

I can’t even attempt to fit all the beauty and stories of the Nusa islands into a post online, so I’ll leave you with some gorgeous photos and you’ll have to hear the stories later on ;)
The day after we visited a local school where they did a beautiful dance for us, saw a not so nice waterfall, visited yet another coffee plantation, ate lunch at a beautiful rice terrace then went to explore another stunning rice terrace!!
Sorry fo the no updates! It’s been pretty easy to get lost in the beauty of Bali. We’ve had an amazing past week and a half visiting the stunning Nusa islands and are now laying low and relaxing in canggu for the last little bit of our trip.

12 December 2018

11 December 2018

10 December 2018

9 December 2018

7 December 2018

6 December 2018

Annnnddd following the volcano hike we visited a coffee plantation, saw some cat poo coffee, tried some amazing other coffees and teas, and felt an earthquake wooohooo!!
Next day we woke up at 2 am to hike a volcano to watch the sunset! Saw some amazing views, some crazy monkeys, and climbed 102 floors before 7 am, pretty successful day I’d say 😋

5 December 2018

First go at Balinese food !!
Me and Jenna when she forces me to moisturize and put coconut oil on every night
Spend one of our last days in ubud visiting the monkey forest...
So this spider literally jumped on my bare foot last night, had a panic attack, cried a little but all is good now cause did some amazing yoga at our beautiful hostel then had some yummy pancakes 😇

3 December 2018

Off to Bali with our layover in Malaysia!!

28 November 2018

Finally on the 26th we found beaches and the beautiful blue water!! We spent a few days in Krabi and during our stay there we did an all day boat tour and went snorkelling. So worth the money but not worth the sunburn we were feeling later that night 😬 got some sort of sickness for a few days but I’m almost fully back to normal and after Krabi and then koh Phi Phi we are at our last stop in Phuket before heading to Bali babyyyyyyy 😝🌞 last day in this amazing country tomorrow, so with that being said goodnight from Thailand 😌

26 November 2018

Spent the morning of the 26 relaxing by the pool before our flight down south :))

24 November 2018

Spent our last day in Pai on November 24 and woke up at 5 to go see the sunrise at a giant Buddha and then had a relaxing rest of the day just relaxing and visiting a natural hot springs 😇

22 November 2018

First day in pai and we rented a scooter !! Best choice ever because we got to explore so much. First went to see a land split where a lovely local farming family gave us food and drinks to try and then ventured off to see a waterfall, and then continued on to see a bamboo bridge in the middle of some beautiful fields. Then ended the day watching the stunning sunset from a canyon

19 November 2018

Sorry for not updating more regularly but seeing the elephants was a surreal experience and such a great opportunity to see the types of creatures they really are. They are such beautiful, kind, and smart animals that all have their own personalities. It was well worth the money to visit one of the only humane and truthful rehabilitation and elephant parks in Thailand ☺️
We safely arrived at our hostel in Chiang Mai a couple days ago, and love it !! We’ve had some really yummy food both at our hostels cafe and the street food. We also climbed about 400 steps to see a beautiful temple, and spent some time relaxing by the pool 😎 and on today’s agenda elephants !!

18 November 2018

17 November 2018

Quick update we still aren’t there yet but this is what I have to pee in 😩 if you can’t tell it’s literally just a hole to the ground under the train

16 November 2018

Welcome to my home for the next 14 hours, I already feel like I’m going to fall off my bed and die but that’s okay, talk to you guys in 14 hours for an update 🙆🏻🚂

15 November 2018

BIG UPDATE PT.3: so then some guy tries to set us up with a boat ride and some guy on a tuk tuk takes us to this pier and the guy gives us a discount but we still didn’t have enough cash on us for the boat so the guy sent us on another tuk tuk for free to find an atm and the atm didn’t work so we went like across town to a bank and then that didn’t work so we gave up and then decided to go to a market, and it was all so overwhelming that in the end we decided to get a drink and ice cream at McDonald’s and charged our phones cause they were almost dead and just got and Uber home 😂 tonight was nice however. We sat on the roof top with the pretty lights and had a drink and ate ice cream and listened to music and just relaxed and then tonight we went to a night market which was fun but now I’m exhausted, so goodnightttt💤
BIG UPDATE PT.2: after getting back from the mall I decided I was quiet tired so I went to lay down for a nap and Jenna did as well. Disclaimer this was at 5pm and we only planned to sleep for 45 min. However after actually waking up and looking at the time it was 10 pm🙃. And therefore since I already slept 5 hours before 10 I was no longer tired at 3am and woke up without a choice. Any who I tried to sleep some more but it didn’t really work that well so at about 6 jen and I went to 7-11 again and then came back to the hostel for breakfast. Did I mention it took us about 10 minutes to cross a road that’s about 6-7 meters if that. When then got ready for the day and planned it all out and then headed out. After spending lots of money and walking A TON to get to the temples we planned to go to we were informed that they were closed due to Buddha day🙃
BIG UPDATE PT.4: I forgot to mention the park today !! Although the water was absolutely disgusting I have never been so happy to see a bird or wild life, it was a nice little somewhat retreat for about 15 min and even better that we saw a giant lizard alligator (water monitor) although my name sounds cooler
BIG UPDATE: okay so as you may or may not know I am alive and made it to Bangkok safely !! after arrival we waited forever in line to get through customs then discovered our bargaining skills needed some work after finding a taxi, as you’re usually supposed to bargain a price but we just went with what he said. After a somewhat crazy drive we made it safely at the prime hour of 1:30am and for some god awful reason my body decided it wanted to wake up at 8 the next morning sooooo we headed over to 7-11 to try to set up a SIM card and no one spoke English so they gave us the wrong one:( but on the bright side I bought two drinks two muffins cookies and two SIM cards for only $4:)))) that day we decided to tackle the mrt station to take a subway to the mall. Once we arrived after very carefully paying attention we soon discovered that the mall was much more than we expected with 10 floors and lots of name brands stores plus more. Here we got our SIM cards figured out and actually working.

13 November 2018

Made it to Beijing for another layover safety and somehow survived finding our way around the airport but here are just some of the great and not so great highlights 🙃
Love it when you get to the airport and there’s an hour wait yet you get to skip it cause “you’ve been selected for additional scanning”. dunno if they thought we looked suspicious or we were just lucky, either way I’ll go with it 😆

10 November 2018

2 bags, 6 weeks, let’s go!!😋
2 bags, 6 weeks, let’s go!!!