United States of America · 10 Days · 20 Moments · June 2018

Briske Road Trip 2018

7 July 2018

What a trip we have had! It was so nice to explore cities with one another, but also able to get in some family visits. Nice to be back home and see our Crosby boy!

1 July 2018

The whole reason I made this trip was to see my Granny! We left Gatlinburg around 11:00am and arrived in Gainesville around 5pm. So good to give her a hug!
There was not a welcome to Georgia sign! 😆It was exciting to finally be in Georgia!
Boy did we experience Clingmans Dome! You turn off a road to drive to the parking lot and it was a stand still because everyone was waiting for parking spots. We found a spot and off we went for a mile hike to the highest point in the mountains. Didn’t sound terrible to me..we didn’t take water and boy that was a mistake! I had to rest a few times but the encouragement of people coming back down kept me going and it was worth it! One lady said it was 6,000 steps from the top and back down! Then we had a picnic on the road and headed to Georgia. The smoky mountains didn’t disappoint I am glad we got to experience it.
Stopped at Newfound Gap for another beautiful view! Wow was there lots of people and cars! Found another state line sign! Got mikes picture on the Appalachian Trail! Used the restroom and this sign was interesting on how they save water depending on what you do! LoL
We arrived at the smoky mountains ⛰ I’m the typical tourist that wants those pictures with signs. I asked a family to take our picture then we did it for them but look at the line I started! It was such a beautiful drive. Pictures do t do it justice! We had the windows down and took in all the nature we could! Pulled over and found a path to a pretty section with water for more pictures! 📷
We had breakfast in bed and then loaded up all our stuff. It looks like we are moving in! It was time to say goodbye to our beautiful view of the mountains and actually drive up into the smoky mountains more!

30 June 2018

Perfect ending to our day was relaxing on our hotel balcony and looking at the moon 🌙
Headed back to Pigeon Forge to meet my brother Trinity at Cookie Monster for some editable cookie dough! I’ve never seen so much cookie dough. It was a much over due visit it had been 6 years since we saw each other last. Thanks for taking the time to meet us! Mike and I decided to do a moonshine tasting...we tried 13 different ones. Some were horrible some were good. It was a fun experience!
After getting settled into our lovely hotel it was time to go explore. We took Ober tram 🚋 to the top of mountains. You can see our hotel, and lots of cabins in the mountains. We sat at the restaurant bar and we were the only ones there it was nice to chat with the bartender. She was telling us about the fires that happened two years ago..our hotel was surrounded by fire! It started raining while waiting for the tram back. They say if it is lightening then they shut down, luckily no lightening!
Arrived at the Park Vista hotel in Gatlinburg. Curvy windy roads to get here I loved it! At check in the expressed to remove all food from car because bears will try to get into your cars 😧🐻 This was more money than I wanted to spend however the Mountain View room was worth it! We are on the 15th floor - highest floor! Now out to explore...
Left knoxville and did some wine tasting in Sevierville, and Pigeon forge. Very touristic towns! Saw the titanic museum, and a building called wonder works that looked like it was falling over😲We were surprised how much we liked the wine ended up buying a bottle or two. 😉 better move to the south since we both liked muscadine wine! Now onto our hotel in Gatlinburg....
A friend of ours is part owner of Status Dough he sure hooked us up! The doughnuts and coffee was the highlight of the the trip so far! Thanks Joe!
We made it to Knoxville around 10pm. Took a total of 14 hours with 3 hours worth of stops. I cleaned up and we saw some really neat wall art and nightlife!

29 June 2018

Welcome to Kentucky! Had to stop more than just a gas station break. When in Louisville Kentucky why not sample wine and bourbon?! It was a much needed break from the road! Only 3 more hours till Knoxville! Whoop whoop!
Went into Indiana! Had a nice picnic lunch on the road!
As PaPa would have said we are halfway!
Who doesn’t play the license plate game on a road trip?! As a kid we would use paper and write it all out. Now that it’s 2018 I decided to be lazy and use an app for it! Wonder if we will find all the states? We shall see...
We drove to Kansas City. Helped to have 3 hours done of our long road trip! Had a great visit with Ashley! Thanks for letting us stay with you!

28 June 2018

Makes for a stressful start when you have car problems. 😥🚗We went to exchange cars with mom and it wouldn’t start. Lucky all it needed was a new battery! I was glad this happened in moms driveway and not in the middle of our trip! I had to complete things for work but was able to do it quickly. We finally got on the road about 6:45pm! Had to take pictures of our hydrangeas to show granny!