United States of America · 28 Days · 35 Moments · June 2017

Bri's adventure in United States

17 July 2017

We headed east to the Mendocino forest. We found camp at Eel River campground.
I am the real Bigfoot
We drove south on the 101 and stopped at the Legend of Bigfoot. A tourist shop that was quite extra.

16 July 2017

We camped at Hidden Springs campground in the Humboldt Redwood forest. There was a fallen tree in our campsite that we all walked to the top of.
We headed south and camped somewhere in northern California. We then headed for Patrick's Point and spent the day at the beach.

14 July 2017

We headed back down to Klamath Falls to Max, Kitty and Elasie's to pick up Koda. We spent the night in the car and on the couch. Elaise made us dinner or chicken, artichoke and zucchini. She made us breakfast and coffee before we headed south.

13 July 2017

Ona taught you how to roll cigarettes.
We spent the week at We'Moon cooking delicious meals, relaxing, exploring, working and chatting with the land womyn. We had so much amazing sex. You bled on the earth and took some moss to bleed on and place in the sacred cedar.

8 July 2017

This weekend was Blood and Visions. It was pretty chill and relaxed and we got to meet a lot of people and spend time with friends.

4 July 2017

We left Elliott's and headed for We'Moon. We arrived super late and set up for the night in Yula. Shila was super excited when we got here.

2 July 2017

We arrived at Elliott's in Eugene after driving all day then sleeping squished up in the back of the car at a viewpoint for the Umpqua Lighthouse.

1 July 2017

We drove north all day and took a detour to Avenue of the Giants through Humbolt Redwood forest. It was a magical drive.
We stayed at Reef campground until Saturday. We explored nearby coves. We ate an extremely expensive dinner at Timber Cove of a burger and mussels. We orgasmed together on a beautiful sunny afternoon in the back of our car. You read most of Brave New World out loud to me.
We had a delicious breakfast and sea salt caramel mochas at Timber Cove before heading north for Eugene.

27 June 2017

We thanked the goddesses after a wonderful meal and ate shroom chocolates. We took a glorious walk up the California Coastal Trail and found a secluded beach. We explored and set up altars with sea debris. (The shrooms didn't work but that's okay.)
We went to Guerneville today to pick up food and found a store called For the People, a hippie natural food store. We found some great stuff and made the most amazing dinner of grilled chicken, spinach and rice.
I love this woman with more depth every single day.
We went to the shore which turned out to be a reef. There was a sea altar set up (by Sedna I assume) and I accepted a sea wand.
Claim to our campsite
what a perfect life

26 June 2017

We drove north on the 1 along the coast. We found ourselves at Reef campground, somewhere outside of Jenner in the Sanoma National Forest. It is amazing and we might stay here through July 4th weekend. Our site is completely away from everyone with its own grove and ocean access. We lucked out.

25 June 2017

We went to the beach with AJ to watch the sunset, build a fire and make smores. Pictures cannot capture the beauty of the moon rise this night. I had an amazing day and and am happily exhausted.
AJ treated us to lunch at Win Garden down the block from her house. I got the crispy braised pork. She also got us baby aspirin for Shila and milk and beer. She is super nice and generous.
We watched the San Francisco pride parade with Aaron's family. Shila pup stayed at AJ's house because of her hurt leg and tail.
We arrived at AJ's house last night. She lives in a big old building. There was a man sitting in the living room and a lock on the outside of the door to the room we are staying in. Admittedly the scene could make anyone uneasy. We were so tired, we did not care. Good thing because this morning I officially met Terry, the woman of the house. She's lived here for 42 years. She's raised 6 kids in this house, 5 of them foster kids. They're all grown up now and she even has grandkids. She showed me markings along the door frame in the kitchen. 40 years of growth shown by lines and initials. The owner of the building will be renovating and re-renting this massive house. Most of the original materials remain intact with the addition of 40 years of Terry's families life. She's letting go of it gracefully. She said the building is rent controlled at $866 per month and they will probably list it to new renters at a price of $4500. She says she won't be able to live in San Francisco anymore.

24 June 2017

Walking back to the car from the dyke march pre-party we overhead a woman asking a girl child if she was excited to see the dykes on bikes and see the motorcycles. Aaron and I happy cried together about it.
We went to San Francisco Pride Dyke March. We sat on a blanket at Delores park, smoked weed, drank beer and mikes hard. We bought shrooms! We used a wagon for Shila and she enjoyed it. Although she hurt herself and we're not sure what's wrong. We met Jes, Izi, Chloe, Holly and her girlfriend. We got to see Dane and Crash and Dev.

23 June 2017

We spent the morning at Upper Rush Creek campground and bathed naked in the creek. We then headed for San Francisco to Aaron's aunt and uncle's house.

22 June 2017

"arms intertwined, fingers tangled like morning glory" you held me close on our first night of camping
We pulled off the 139 and found Upper Rush Creek campground 2 miles up and made camp for the night. Aaron made lentil, black bean, corn, tomato and rice stew and foraged miners lettuce for our first camp out dinner. We had yams and cranberries for dessert!
Today we took the Legacy Scenic Volcanic Byway through Lava Beds National Monument and Modac National Forest. It was so good to drive on empty freeways and not see other people for awhile.

21 June 2017

On day two we ventured to "The Quarry." A seasonal water hole made from snow melt run off where the locals hang out. There is an island and Baelfire and Shila learned how to swim. In the evening we had the whole lake to ourselves.
We cried over a poem from Sapphica Astrology for Lesbians while we made coffee and smoked a bowl.

20 June 2017

We arrived to Max, Kitty and Elasie's house to a dinner of quinoa salad with cilantro and onion, cheese bread and cream cheese shrimp cocktail dip. We slept on the sofa.
We said goodbye to Portland. Our little car packed full we ventured towards Eugene. We dropped off an amp and guitar to Elliot and Alison and smoked a few bowls. From there we set out on a six hour drive to Kalamath Falls, passing Diamond Peak and Odell Lake.