Germany, Australia · 67 Days · 53 Moments · November 2017

18 January 2018

At home - safe and sound. Stormfront Friederike welcomed me on my arrival at Cologne Airport yesterday morning. After travelling 17000 km round the world trains shut their services down just within a stone's throw (Düren) of Aachen due to dangerous grumpy Friederike...😭😭😭 My friend Rudolf kindly picked me up by car. Today I'm up to search the internet for flights back to Down Under.😉

17 January 2018

Good-bye Sydney, farewell Sloths, QiuJin, Nazia, Marilyn, Markéta, Chloé - see you soon in Vaals, Maria, David, Helmut - take care in Afghanistan with Medécines Sans Frontiéres, Iris - good luck in Melbourne and esp. Paul, thank you for taking care of me and the Werther's 💕, bye-bye Bondi Beach, Haberfield, Anzac Bridge, Blackwattle Bay and Opera House. 💋💋💋 Hello Aachen - I'm coming home. ❤❤❤

16 January 2018

There's no excuse to not practise outdoor sports in Australia: run and bicycle tracks round the Bay run, drinking water supplies any 2ks, changing rooms, bathrooms, shaded open air gyms, football field, track and field, large lawn to throw the boomerang (e.g.)without threatening humans or animals, coffee shop, water sport facilities and Drummoyone 50 m heated salt water pool one almost always gets a lane on one's own... have I mentioned that the weather is always good? 😉

12 January 2018

I asked the ferryman if he took my bike on the boat and he did. So I rode from Manly to Whale Beach today, and I think my compulsory Brigitte+Bike=Happy picture is due:

11 January 2018


8 January 2018

Palm Beach and Lion Island

7 January 2018

Anzac Bridge. Most crossed bridge - by me. 🚴🚴🚴
Opera House, Sunday 1pm, at 42 degrees above zero in the shade. Almost nobody there but a seagull and I. Toooooo hotttttt.

6 January 2018

The end of my stay in Sydney is not far off and still so much to enjoy, to learn, ro experience, to discover. I have to come back I reckon, because I only can do this here: 1. Dragonboating. I really want to continue this great team sport, becoming a real good paddler, give it your all and relish being on the boat with lovely people on the most beautiful bay of the world. 2. Become a Bondi Beach Life Saver at Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club. I already trained swimming and run-swim-runs and might be able to accomplish the prerequisits to attend the Life Saving Class next Australien summer. 3.Become a decent surfer. I really want it so bad. 4.Improve my Australian English. Please talk to me.... 5.Learn to play the Mandoline at least as good as I can contribute to playing Waltzing Mathilda with the Mandoline Choir on Australia Day ar the Domain. 6. Learn to throw the Boomerang.

2 January 2018

Art Gallery of New South Wales with a flying visit at Rijksmuseum Amsterdem...😉
State Library of New South Wales
Sydney Rock Oysters - delicious.

1 January 2018

Already there in 2018. Happy New Year - Prosit Neujahr everybody ❤❤❤

31 December 2017

Sorry for posting another and jet another cliché photo. I can't help it, they're all true.

26 December 2017

Surfing at Seven Mile Beach

23 December 2017

Merry X-mas ❤❤❤

22 December 2017

I'm not so much into posting animal picturers. But as I was asked where the real kangaroos were... there you are. Especially for you I went to the zoo.🦁🐯🐢🦏🐒

20 December 2017

19 December 2017

Christmas: Time of miracles and wonders. These three kangaroos found their way on a long journey from good old Germany to Australia almost unharmed. The very first kangaroos to see in Sydney. Thank you Gertie and Kalle. I'm moved to tears.

16 December 2017

My famous Opera House and my pretty new dress!

14 December 2017

Went to Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo, Darlinghurst and Surrey Hills today. Guess what I liked moooooooost....

13 December 2017

Botanical gardens -Mimikry

12 December 2017

It might well be that my easy going Australians are a little bit prudish. Being in the women's changing room at the beach or swimming pool they rather shower in their bathing costumes than taking them off. Some even prefer wearing dry clothes upon their wet swimsuits than undressing awkwardly underneath their towels. I've seen huge tent like gowns to hide the whole person. Otherwise women wearing insouciantly next to nothing can be spotted to some extent at Darling Harbour on a Saturday night. 😂😉😎
Chinese Garden of Friendship

11 December 2017

Race day

9 December 2017

Manly Beach Sunday afternoon, OMG!
Bondi Beach

8 December 2017

I'm gonna race! The Sloths take me to a Dragon Boat Regatta on Sunday and put me in a boat...Yep.

7 December 2017

4 December 2017

Double Bay - Double Pay We went to Double Bay north-east of Sydney, where you're supposed to have a beautiful view of the Bay. There one finds those huge Spanish style estates next to buildings with the clean features of the Bauhaus style, most of them of course accessible to the beach. Because of this high-priced noblesse Sydneysiders call this area cheekily Double Pay.

2 December 2017

blue Blue Mountains

29 November 2017

Ready for The Opera...Sydney Symphony Orchestra presents Bluebeard's Castle

28 November 2017

Fish market

26 November 2017

I'm a Dragon Boot Rower!

24 November 2017

25 Grad im Schatten

23 November 2017

22 November 2017

I just logged on WDR Radio Lifestream Programme to find out about the failed coalition negotiations in Germany and what was going on. From my far away point of view I'm somehow concerned quite seriously. At first I couldn't tune in at all. When I eventually ended up on the NDR Nachtprogramm, I realized that you all were sleeping soundly and don't care for the time being while I was wide awake and worried.😴😫

21 November 2017

20 November 2017

Darling Harbour

19 November 2017

"Seven Miles from Sydney, but a Thousand Miles from care" When 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip on an expedition first entered the Peninsula, he was impressed by "their confidence and manly behavoir" of the men from the Kay-ye-my Clan wading towards his three boats, and dubbed the place Manly Cove.
Shelly beach on Manly

18 November 2017

I went to Haberfield Rowing Club and asked the lady there if it was possible to learn to row. "You mean to row or to row?", she questioned. "To row", I said moving my arms back and forth simultaneously. "Well, that's not possible here." she answered. 😲😕🤣😂

17 November 2017

University of Sydney
Wooden deckchairs on University campus.

16 November 2017

It's five in the morning and birds here sing like hell to wake me up. I'm already sunburned and have blisters on my feet. I've got a cute old fashioned English style appartement with a dschungel like shady garden. I haven't really arrived yet, that will take a couple of days, so many impressions on the first day already. Paul, a friend, kindly picked me up at the airport and after dropping my luggage at my appartement he drove me to the hot spots of Sydney. He was very nice until he apparently was running out of time. So he helped me to find a rented bike in some suburb bikeshop and drove away not without directing me the wrong way !!!!. There I stood with neither map nor navigation in the middle of a five million city with the bike and felt a little bit lost.... Finding my place wasn't too difficult because everybody I asked was very helpful and looked it up on their mobiles, so I found savely home. I'm looking forward to another day in paradise 😉

15 November 2017

13 November 2017

12 November 2017

Gepackt. Es kann los gehen.