United States of America · 1 Days · 4 Moments · January 2018

AP HUGE field trip 2018

23 January 2018

1. Lots of Sikh migrated to America through California then soon dispersed to other cities 2. Anybody is allowed to come! Lots of people from the Punjab area of India. For worship, over 500 people will come to this temple! 3. They have a vegetarian community meal after each service. You can choose to be baptized or not and boys have the last name of Singh and girls have the last name of Kauar. 4. It’s cool that their bracelets represent strength and unity
1. This was built for Polish immigrants and the other one built down so they built another. 2. Many Polish members of the church and now a wave of Hispanics. There’s about 16,000 members of the church 3. It only took 4 years to complete the building and at one point everything was covered with white. 4. It’s beautiful :)
1. The religious building is here due to the Chabad of the main Rabbi. It was also part of the Jewish education movement 2. There is no specific ethnicity and anyone can be Jewish. There can be up to 100 people in the Synagogue at a time 3. There are 613 commandments! No matter who you are or how you identify you are still Jewish! Everyone is descendant from tribes and family is very important. 4. They are very accepting and they do not believe (or the Rabbi) didn’t believe that Jesus was real due to no historians during that time takin his existence into account.
1. The building is located in Milwaukee because Muslims bought the school building due to their buildings becoming too crowded 2. There are migrants and refugees at this Mosque with a diverse population of different Muslims. There are also about 800 kids who attend the school. 3. Something that fascinated us was that the demographics of Muslims in the U.S has no specific ethnicity or race. 4. It’s a very peaceful religion and what people say in the media is the exact opposite of their beliefs. Also they’re all very nice and understanding people at this Mosque.