United States of America · 5 Days · 36 Moments · July 2016

Gavin's New York Trip

20 July 2016

From the movie...
Queensboro Bridge and the tram to Governor's Island
Apple has a store on the mezzanine level of GCT.
Grand Central Terminal... It's Grand and its Central..(Can you name the movie that line was from?) Grand Central Station was torn down by the city of NY many years ago.
We learned one thing... BK is as equally crappy in NY as it is in GA
The real end of Wall Street
Gavin taking the Wall Street bull by the horns!
NYSE. We were there as they were raising a new banner across the front.
Federal Hall. Spot where George Washington took the Presidential Oath of Office
Trump's Wall Street Building
Blackhawks circling lower Manhattan.
Staten Island Ferry from Lower Manhattan

19 July 2016

Statue of Sherman at the 5th Ave entrance to Central Park
Pics of Central Park
Sailboats at Conservatory Lake in Central Park. Boats are wind powered. The remote controls the sail.
The Guggenheim Museum
The Jackie O reservoir. It supplies downtown Manhattan with most of its water.

18 July 2016

Central Park Apple Store. The big glass box. The store in below street level.
Trump Towers
St Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Ave... You have seen it on TV. If you watch Blue Bloods, it's on about every show.
Rockefeller Center. Where everyone ice skates in the winter.
High leg kicks anyone?
Views from atop the Empire State Building
More views from atop the ESB.
Glass steps in the Apple Store at Soho.

17 July 2016

The Krystal across the Mason Dixon
1 Police Plaza... Home of NYPD
Gavin's first taste of Rambutan. It's a southwest Asia fruit that taste like a grape. It looks like a spiny sea creature with tentacles.

16 July 2016

Gavin next to NY's finest newest ride.
Tickle the Ivories?
GMA Studios in Times Square
Trump's 575 on the tarmac at Laguardia. Must be nice??
I'ma leav'n on a jet plane...