North America, Asia · 2 Days · 6 Moments · April 2017

BJ in Japan

8 April 2017

Day 2! We both woke up super early today. The jet lag is kicking in. As we were talking in bed, we both found out we were starving! So we looked to see what was open and found out Ichiran Ramen was open! And only 10 min walk from us! We quickly got ready and headed out. The weather today wasn't kind. Light drizzle with the occasional down pour, so we both brought umbrellas. Mine costed 700¥ and Jen's cost 1700¥...moving on. We finally got to Ichiran! Jen couldn't figure out how to use the vending machine to order the meal tickets. She tried to insert the paper bills into the coin slot 😂 When we finally got our noodles...f-ing bomb! Broth was rich with loads of flavor and noodles were firm. Of course I had to get a refill of noodles, just so tasty! Jen loved it so much she finished all her noodles and had some of my extra noodles too! Great start to our Japan eats! Beef 🐮

7 April 2017

Finally arrived in Japan! Met with my best friend Thomas! He has been living here since September, teaching and training. First meal in Japan: sushi! Of course you have to have that first! The sushi here in Japan does not even compare to the stuff we get in Canada. Each nigiri is room temperature, silky smooth and melts in your mouth...definitely not the frozen stuff we get back home! Fave piece: medium toro (fatty tuna). The o-toro (top of the line fatty tuna is just way too fatty. No texture at all) For dessert, we went to get Japanese cheese tarts...and these were f-ing bomb! Almost like a Portuguese cheese tart but with this smooth Japanese cheese cake in the middle...of course Jen didn't finish so I had two 🐷

6 April 2017

T-minus 13 hours! ✈️🇯🇵
First meal: Chick Fil A classic sandwich with waffle fries! Goddamn. It's a good sandwich
Sunbathing before our flight...
On our way to Tokyo! New shiny international terminal at a ghastly hour.