Europe · 6 Days · 20 Moments · September 2017

Brian's journi to Bosnia and Herzegovina

15 September 2017

Elba son where they grew 900 kg if cannabis a year. Police shootout which lasted 4 days

14 September 2017

We have checked in at the Tirana International Hotrl on Floor 11 . This was the first hotel in the 1980s to have a lift!
Held up at the border until some bribe was paid! Hot weather
Thur 14 We left the hotel at 8 and travelled to Albanian border. Guide explained blood feuds.

13 September 2017

In Montenegro we had a day trip looking round the walled towns of Budva and Kotor and going on a boat trip to Oyr Kady of the Rocks. Pork slices for dinner and giant hamburger for lunch

12 September 2017

We finally arrived at the Montenegro Queen hotel which is in Budvs. Went straight to a lovely buffet and got milk from supermarket next door. Lovely hotel and we had a suite!
We had a nice lunch meat Goldsboro and then long drive to ferry.
Typical scenery
On the way to the National Park
In the morning we left at 8.30 for Monegehro. Fine wooden scenery and mountains.
In the evening we ate out. Mary had a huge pizza

11 September 2017

Hello Sarajevo
In the evening we went to a Bosnian restaurant and tried their fate. Pic is a sort of pitta bread with small sausages made of minced beef. In the morning we start our walking tour

10 September 2017

One of our starters
Hotel Bristol
Serbia hAs z pop of 3.5 million and Sarajevo 275000. In the afternoon we walked along the river to a shopping centre and exchanged some money . Very hot. Tonight going to Bosnian restaraunt
The flight was quite bumpy but the weather in Sarajevo was good with a temp of 25c. We had a bus transfer to our hotel - the Hotel Bristol
First travelled to Munich on Lufthansa and then to Sarajevo