United States of America · 1 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Perry, IA — High Trestle Trail

9 June 2017

We were going to ride here from Perry but there just didn't seem like a good way to do that — and after driving over we seem to have been right! Better to spend our riding time on the trail then cursing traffic on the roads. Owner of bike shop in Perry says connector between High Trestle Trail (Woodward) and Raccoon River Trail (Perry) should be done in less than five years.
David's Milwaukee Diner is right on the main level of the hotel; delicious. "Hotel Toast" is over an inch thick.
It was 5am, the full moon had been beaming between the window slats and I needed coffee. No one around here is open until 7, but the manager was happy to go get me a cup from the restaurant kitchen (and also happy to bill it to our room). I took this opportunity to take in a little more Perry.

8 June 2017

Three Words — Indoor Bike Parking!
Since tomorrow is about the High Trestle trail, we figured we'd better check out the Raccoon River trail while staying a block from it. That would have been a huge mistake to miss. The trail is fabulous, paved and goes on forever. We went as far as Dawson (6ish miles) then returned to Perry for dinner at Casa de Oro 😋
One thing that I think could be dramatically improved about Lincoln area trails is the signage. The signs here are informative and great looking.
This place is so nice! I wish we had two nights here. Each room has its own theme. We are in the "Dutch Room".
A quick stop for sundaes 🍨then on to Perry. This Raccoon River trail looks so nice. Would be another fun trip to come here, ride to and stay in Perry then finish the loop back to here the second day.
Doesn't matter how much I see them, I think they are so fun. I might think differently if I lived and worked near them and couldn't get away from their WHOOSH WHOOSH WHOOSH noise — but I don't 😁
We've each put in a solid half day of work (that's a full day between us!) and now we're off to Perry, Iowa to stay at the Hotel Pattee and ride (some of) the High Trestle Trail. We both get a little nervous driving very far with the bikes on the back 😬