South America, North America · 35 Days · 12 Moments · February 2018

A Ride in Eucador

30 March 2018

Travel can make you jaded and cynical, thinking that everyone is out to get you. But then you meet amazing people and you realise that the world is complex – and that there’s a lot of positivity out there, especially where you least expect it. Yvonne and I have stopped being afraid of what might happen and have decided to embrace whatever fate throws into our path. Our return home is always confusing for me. I look askew at it all and wonder many things. But mostly I am thankful for our time together and to have experienced the culture and gentleness of Ecuador.

20 March 2018

Nos vemos Ecuador.

16 March 2018

Hiking and camping are simple pleasures for us. We are so grateful to be high in the Andes, experiencing life at 12K feet. The parimó is above the tree line, a lot like tundra. So many new plants never seen before. Next time. . . A small bottle of oxygen. Yikeees- pounding headaches prevailed!

12 March 2018

So fun walking the streets of Cuenca. Last two days visited numerous bike shops, got many wrong directions and then finally, stumbled upon LaBicicleta. During assembly it became apparent we needed to alter the mounting brackets. Was walking the streets, saw the egg delivery, and asked some old men on a park bench for assistance. One, an expat from Venezuela, my new friend, took me to two hardware stores. Both mentioned "mecanico", see pics. Bike is repaired. I have numerous gentle memories of these fine Ecuadorians.

9 March 2018

Coastal Manabí province has driven the cold out of our bones. Multiple days riding our bikes from surf town to fishing villages to beach pueblos has cleared the way for la Sierra. The high mountains beckon. Like day 18 on the Colorado River, lava falls awaits! Those Andes backroads, scary in our minds with tales of all day vertical, shall be visited. Vamos a ver.

5 March 2018

"She's out of your league!" We were building the Cleary castle when JC's girlfriend arrived. He married her. Delayed by heavy tropical rain we started pedaling at noon. Really, only 12 miles from Olón to Ayampe should be easy. The La Ruta Spondylus took us up a steep winding two lane road high above the Pacific. We entered the cloud forest, always up, up, up. Dizzyingly hopeful the next curve will be the top. Sube, sube, sube. Then the shoulder disappeared. "We are out of our league." Today we rest, recover in a made for Hollywood beach town. Tomorrow? Vamos a ver?

4 March 2018

1 March 2018

Welcome all. You might want to follow our bike trip thru Eucador. We feel a little awkward focussing on US. But we like to create these spaces as archives for our amazing life together. We used this space last winter to journal our ride thru Big Bend. We are currently "chilaxing" in a great beach town, Olón. Unfortunately (fortunately?) Yvonne and I both got sick, a little too aggressive on our comida de calle intake. It takes time to detox from our hurried life in the states. Getting sick forces us to slow down and breathe. The rhythm of Eucador fits us. We are adapting well.
Laundry day. Bike bag serves as great wash tub.

26 February 2018

So fun at the beach! Living in a dream. ¡Gracias a Diós!

24 February 2018

Absolutely cherished our few days in Guayaquil. Largest city in Eucador. Steamy port town bustling with activity. Franklin is our new friend who built Yvonne's new bike. Bicimania is his shop.
Iguanas in Guayaquil.