Australia · 1 Days · 20 Moments · September 2016

Adventures Down Under

2 September 2016

Early morning runs with my running buddy Enya
The Doom Shake.. The love of my life...
Dysfunction captured ft. Enya, Megan, Emily, & Patty
@ Little Creatures you can rent bikes all day for free. So we did & rode to Coogee Beach
Shredding them waves in Joondalup w/ Enya, Emily & Amanda
Sarah, Will, and Harry.. Three of my most favorite people and I can definitely say they are some of my best friends. My adventure buddies, my tour guides, my Australian fam ❤️
FOOTY! Definitely can say I fell in love with the game and I am a definite fan!
Oh and koalas too so that's cool
I met kangaroos... Life complete.
Sunsets @ Bather's
Last day of orientation week consisted of planting 1,200 trees on South Beach. Was such a great experience.
Enya and I @ Bogan Bingo Bogan=redneck This was an event during Orientation Week which was super long and exhausting but so much fun.
Sunday is Run & Swin. 7:30 AM start, complete with meeting and talking to some really great Australians, beautiful views and delicious coffee
The city wall art
The city of Perth from King's Park King's Park is so huge and full of Pokemoners
Freo/Perth is an expensive place to live but the food and coffee is so good!
It's a real blessing living 2 minutes from Bather's Beach
Freo: University of Notre Dame Australia I guess school is still a thing on this adventure
Journey to Australia: July 17, 2016 to July 18, 2016 Tucson-Los Angeles-Brisbane-Perth