United Kingdom · 7 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Brianna's trip to the UK

5 May 2017

Its the last day before going back to Estonia. We did a presentation for school. Next there was a treasure hunt but we didn't finish all of the tasks. We went shopping at Primark and walked around the town. The taxi is gonna pick us up in the morning. :(

4 May 2017

Long schoolday and some shopping :)

3 May 2017

We got on a train and went to London. The ride lasted about one and a half hours. We got to see the Guards' parade and the changing of them. The Queen wasn't home at the moment. There were lots of really cool statues and I loved to listen to their histories. Sadly, the weather wasn't too nice. I saw the Elizabeth tower for the first time and heard the Big Ben ringing. We went on a ferrie ride on River Thems. It was rainy and windy, but I lasted the whole trip on the deck. We could see the London eye, The Elizabeth tower, Towers of London and lots of other buildings on the boat. We took a train back to Brighton when it was already very late. We were all dead tired.

2 May 2017

Today, we visited the Brighton Pavilion. Taking photos was not allowed and we had to carry our packbags on the stomach. Intead of a guide, there were large phones for everyone. I found the history of the Pavilion very interesting. :)

1 May 2017

Its out third day in the UK. We're at our school, and its been really fun! I wish real school was like this. We just finished, and its free time now. I got some candy from a nearby sweets shop. I also got my first ever drink from Starbucks. We wondered around different clothing stores, but didn't buy anything from there. Before heading on the bus, we stopped at a book store. It had five floors! I bought myself a Harry Potter Trivia game. Playing with it was really fun. The three of us found a really great fish and chips place near our house. That was my first plate of real English fish and chips. When we got out, it was pouring, but luckily we had a short way home. We played with the dogs at home, they are just the sweetest little things!

30 April 2017

Today, we went to see the Seven Sisters. They are big chalk banks. The beach was very rocky but I found three with holes in them. We got to climb up one of the so called "Sisters". It was really windy and at one point, it rained a little. But that didn't really bother me. Next, we drove all the way back to Brighton and heard about the town's history. We saw interesting sightings and tourist attractions.

29 April 2017

I woke up at 3:30. I wasn't as bad as I had imagined. We arrove at the plane station one hour before the flight. When we started to fly, a little shiver went down my spine because I hadn't flewn a plane since I was five. We had a little break in Frankfurt. And after that, we flew again. The crew was nice and the foods were tasty. Our first trip was to Cambridge. There were trees and bushes everywhere you looked. The place was also filled with collages and old architecture. We saw a long river called The Cam River. That's where Cambridge got it's name. Luckily, we had great weather too. There was a long bus trip to Brighton after we had explored Cambridge. I got to sleep a bit before we were taken to our new homes. Our house is filled: we have two parents, two 11-year-old girls, one 4-year-old girl, two dogs, and a hamster.