Australia and Oceania, Europe · 33 Days · 70 Moments · June 2017

Brianna's adventure in Ireland

27 July 2017

Adam and Clhoda
Messing around
Segways in the forest
Exploring at the park

26 July 2017

The next day Cira and I did the dragon boat, as we were sick the day before... went to the pub for a pint

25 July 2017

A beautiful day for Stand up

24 July 2017

Went to town for a look today, saw the smallest church in Ireland and had lunch in. Later on we just chilled out at the camp and did some makeovers some of which were a bit strange😂
Today I didn't really do anything to be honest... the hangover and no sleep really threw me😂

23 July 2017

Carbon club

22 July 2017

James😍 he was an absolute gem! Such a lovely guy and he will hopefully come visit me at home
Jammeson, ginger ale, ice and lime👌
One of our modes of transport for the day😂
Galeay farmers and craft markets! Such a great morning for it
The morning coffee from jungle cafe. Tasted better than it looks😌

21 July 2017

Just had another day in the city wandering around and stayed in for the night

20 July 2017

Had a day walking around yesterday, went to the college, the cathedral, museum and some other cafes and pubs.

19 July 2017

The iconic cliffs of Moher
The Aran islands, seeing what the local life is like

18 July 2017

Had a day in Galway city, such an amazing place with a beautiful riverfront

17 July 2017

Arrived in Galway and honestly it is probably the best city I have ever been to! The hostel is amazing, fantastic facilities... The atmosphere and vibe is just breathtaking! All I can say is that we have a lot of exploring to do tomorrow✌

16 July 2017

Last day of Longitude was the BEST! Best line up and a flawless day

15 July 2017

Day 2 of the music festival and met some new friends on the bus! Had an amazing day with them

14 July 2017

Did a tour of the Guiness storehouse in the morning before going to day one of the festival

13 July 2017

Did some more shippingon the next day. Decided to get my hair done and then later on went to TGI Friday for dinner, had an amazing steak and veg😎😍
Arrived in Dublin, massive city! Always a low going on

11 July 2017

Had a day in town then packed our bags ready for Dublin tomorrow!

10 July 2017

Cork v Clare match at Tiperary. Awsome game! Great that Cork won👌

8 July 2017

Had a relaxing day then went out on the boat with Kirah, Paul and Patrik.
Went back to the markets today, had the BEST hot chocolate e.v.e.r.! Later on we went for a spin in Jasons Dads boat, the water here is magnificent!

7 July 2017

Had a relaxing Friday. Watched Cira's swimming then went to the Gavin James concert that night

6 July 2017

Had a day at home with the kids, went for a bike ride then went into Cork city and listened to some Trad music

5 July 2017

At the beach at night! Kinda forgot to wear bathers but still had a bawl!
More of the beach views
Mr Beetle
Amazing Irish nights😍
Henry Ford Memorial
More exploring 🍃
Had a beautiful Lunch at Fishy Fishy in Colarnakilty. Thought that sign was a good crak
Off at Charles fort
Kyak surfing with Clo

4 July 2017

Went for a trip to the Blarny Stone castle... AND kissed it! Then went to the wollen mill shop then home and then went for dinner at Finbar and Joans

2 July 2017

Bunratti Castle... there were a couple of stairs😂

1 July 2017

Had a more relaxed day Saturday, went to the farmers market, visited the lovely ladies at the GAA store and then Balymaloe to get some yummo relish for Mum! Then we went home and got ready for our big night out🙌
Went on a paddy wagon tour to in and around the ring of Kerry! Amazing day out

29 June 2017

Caught the bus into Cork city and had a day of shopping with Em, Kira and Mayve. Had so much fun and discovered a love for the shop Pennys (spent far too much money in there!). On the way home had Ramen with a couple more of Ems cousins and then came home and pampered ourselves with painful face masks 😂 was a great day
Had a great day shopping in Midleton (with one d) as well a sight seeing and going to the Jameson distillery. The Jameson tour blew our expectations and ended up learning a lot about the history and the proces of making the world renowned wisky.

28 June 2017

An old pub☘

27 June 2017

Went for a walk along the coast of Gayleen before going to the pitches to play a bit of Hurling and Gaylic. Twas a bit brisk
Having a kick in the back yard. Kirah also gave me a rundown of all the rules in Galic footy
Also went to the peir aha! Walked down from Emily's cousin Keeva's house. Was a beautiful walk down
Down at the pier, aparently the tide was way out
First trip into Midleton (with one d). Where there is a few more shops and where people from Whitegate would do their grocery shopping

25 June 2017

The big trip out! Super long flight but certainly more than worth it🗺