Germany · 19 Days · 10 Moments · May 2017

Brent's adventure in Sorrento, Metropolitan C

24 May 2017

Friday we catch a train from Rome to Naples, then ride the Naples city tram to sorrento. Shelbs friend is pickpocketed €50. We have a free room five star hotel because of reasons. With a bit too much goofing around we can't make it to any sites that day so we walk around the shops in the town. I had squid for dinner which was meh. In the morning we caught a ferry to Capri, and take a boat tour around the island. The water is so blue. I have a smooth B-Rent moment as we go under "lovers arch" and surprise kiss Shelby. Proud of my spontinuity there haha. We get back and take a cable car to the top of the island. FF to the train to Rome were rushing to make Shelby's flight time and she's stressing bigtime. We play a dumb card game on the train and catch the giggles. I walk about 1000km to my bus and catch it's 20 hr ride home.
This was supposed to be Rome. I skipped my makeup class on Thursday and caught a 15hr flixbus to Rome . Arrived on Thursday at about 6pm, got to Shelby's friends dorm at 6:35. We went to an outdoor bar the served complimentary street food 8/10. On our way to dinner we stop and a little shop which I can't tell what they mainly sell and do a choco shot. The guy was very dirty lmao. So we go to the"best pizza in Italy" and it def lived up to the hype, along with the red wine. Finally we go to a bar the has a bouncer at the door but then once you're there's another door on the side that anyone can walk through instead. Shelby has a short night due to strong drinks at the first bar, chugging wine at dinner, the choco shot, and a threesome. Brent got in on the threesome action😉 which is vodka, tiquila, and rum stack on top of some sweet blue mixer.

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