Germany · 11 Days · 5 Moments · May 2017

Brent's adventure in Bisingen, Germany

24 May 2017

Berg Hohenzollern is the best castle in Germany. I had a long night before and planned to catch the 7:04 bus to the station. Troy rang my room at 6:58. I powered‚Äč through the hangover cloud and got to the elevator at 7:01. To the bus as it rolled up. It was a 4.5 km hike from the station to the castle, thru a cute little town. We got very close to the castle horizontally before we made any progress vertically, because of how steep the hill it's set on is. The views were great but the castle was overall underwhelming. Not in relation to other castles, but in the field of site seeing. The beer garden was nice, got my pic with the randos. As we waited in line for the tour of the inside I noticed the ugliest man I've ever laid eyes on (see pictures). The tour was great. The guide did okay but the inside was definitely the best part of the castle. So lavish. Saw a bunch of dope jewelry and learned the price of Prussia and his family were actually present that day.

13 May 2017