France · 8 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

Brent's adventure in Barcelona, Spain

9 June 2017

Day 1- arrive at station and walk around a park and some Shops, catch a metro to the Airbnb which is WAY out of the city. We try to walk to the city for dinner... Big mistake, took about 2.5 hours of walking through an industrial park. Got some tapas and then went to the old Olympic stadium. Beautiful buildings in Barcelona. As it was getting dark we got to the main city buildings and saw a fountain/light show. Afterwards we made our way through the metro and a few beers we got back to the Airbnb. 2nd day we make breakfast and wait for V to get back from picking up Ryan at the airport. We leave and go to the port-very cool, then the main park-meh, then the big church (name escapes me)-cool and unfinished, gothic district- full of shops and great gelato. We ate dinner (seafood salad) and headed to the fountain show again. I got my rando selfie w randos via a bachelorette party who forced me to take off my shirt. Fountains then mall then back to Airbnb for some coffee. AM coffee airport

2 June 2017

1 June 2017