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The VaughanTrapp's Do Alaska

22 September 2014

More...Wildlife Safari, Oregon, on our day trip home from Gma n Gpa's
That that of the Safari...
Wildlife Safari Day Trip on the way home from Seattle

21 September 2014

More Pioneer Square and Seahawks Training Facility in Renton
More Baby...and pioneer square...
It's game day and everyone is busy getting their fresh produce and seafood for the BBQ..Gotta take Liv n Colby to the very first Starbucks EVER.☺️
Awe the smell of fresh fish and coffee, and donuts being cooked fresh, and exhaust, and flowers, and BABIES ❤️
I'm missing home...&–
Disembarking for the last time in Seattle..I can't wait for Starbucks in Pikes Place Market.

20 September 2014

The last stop off in beautiful British Columbia, BC
Last night's comedy show..Livi on stage! She was so cute.!

19 September 2014

Yes, I like to win!
I like to win
Tickle Fight!
On the ship..the sun came out for an amazing BBQ and party by the main pool
Ketchikan ends sadly... With a few Coho Salmon still spanning, but most have laid their bright red eggs and have died...
Leaving Ketchikan
Almost back to the ship...
Ketchikan wildlife
Historic Ketchikan
Shopping in Ketchikan

18 September 2014

Officers dinner
Officers dinner in 2 hours...
Beautiful Girl...primping for the Staff Dinner invitation only
First Glacier with the Glacial "flour" or they move and grinds together and move 7 feet per day...amazing
Marjorie Glacier at Breakfast

17 September 2014

Being our silly selves
A night out at Sea Outside..not to cold..but too cold for an outdoor shower!
Welcome to The 49th state..
We in Canada...aye!
Skagway Boarder.. Ohhh Canada
Adventuring with the tour guide
Hike up the Summit Rocks with the Guide..I stayed back on the bus.. 😁 about 3200 ft
Hairy Mountain Goats look like teenie weenie cotton balls way at the top..roaming the rocks:))
I'm a pick pocketer! Haha..I was so tired and the elevation didn't I rested my hand in Livi's pocket:)) haha
White Pass
Viewpoint and Suspension bridge on the "white pass"
Photo Opp..Dead Horse Gulch
Chillroot trail
Real Falls!
Huge glacier wayyyy off in the back between the two peaks
So the tale is told...these two men...well, very long and our guide was amazingly detailed..
Waiting for the tour bus in town, in Skagway
Olivia's Bistro
Bye bye Pearl...Skagway is before us

16 September 2014

Golden Eagle Love❤️
Bears ? Where.?
Papa Smurf's House🌀
Juneau ...
Glacier Trailhead
The Bus to the Glacier Trail
We made it to Juneau...some happy faces ☺️
Waiting for our land legs..first stop coming up. After a very very rocky couple of days and nights as's calmed down as we begin to slow .. Lots of whales. Too much good food and loads of bingo!! Jk, tons of on board activities kept up us busy. Getting lost in the corridors to our cabin..oh my! ❤️
The sun was traded for high winds and cold weather soon after leaving Seattle. Exploring the ship's activities and different shops while out at sea was fun.

15 September 2014

Good eats at "The Great Outdoors"!
I like winning😜
Where's the sunshine? And our party!?
Playtime with Livi practicing her cheer on our bed😜👯👯👯
Sillyness 👯
Night is dark!
Outdoor showers! Funplex
Still in Seattle and just pushing out...
The big boat❤️
Amazing views!
Tippy top deck ... Sooo hot!
We are gunna have some weird lookin tan lines☀️
The cabin and stuff before embarking on our journey ❤️
Auntie J's House and Cousin Colby❤️❤️
Starbuck on Both Corners! ..Seattle
The night before we get dropped off for check in..look at Colby❤️

13 September 2014

The night before and my first place with toddler Ty❤️
Leaving Gma n Gpa's for Auntie Janice's in Seattle..

12 September 2014

Found the perff shoes❤️
The Or State Penn...Techno night😜
Dinner with the fam damly☀️❤️
Dinner out at Izzy's, after Lancaster Mall, Starbucks and shoe shopping for Livi

11 September 2014

Leavin for Gma n Gpa's

23 June 2014

We haven't left yet, but...I understand this pup❤️