Africa · 16 Days · 9 Moments · January 2017

Bree's volunteer trip in South Africa

24 January 2017

We went to Mozambique for a week where we went to tofo and got to go to survivor island where they filmed survivor for a season once. We also went to bilene which was just a very relaxing place and had the beach right at our back door. We got to go to a sunset bar that had awesome cocktails that come in coconuts and we saw the sunset while we were there. Really was a great night and a good way to spend our second last night in this beautiful country

22 January 2017

One day we decided to have a beach day which so fun for about an hour until it started pouring with rain but we had a lot of fun in the sun and everybody was having an awesome time. We got to have a couple party night quite a bit and was always a good time

18 January 2017

For a night we went to Swaziland where we got to relax and go horse riding up to execution rock where the king used to cut the heads off people who have done something bad. Very beautiful look out though. Swaziland reminded me a bit of Australia with all the hills but it was very beautiful and so untouched

14 January 2017

In the week we had to sight see we went on a safari and it was awesome! I've seen these animals in the zoo but nothing compares to seeing them in the wild, they are so majestic and beautiful, they can be dangerous but so so cute

13 January 2017

We got to play and teach English to the kids in a poor village. They really love to dance and enjoy story book time. When they nap they are so close together like a jigsaw, it's so cute. They love play time more than anything though. We got to give some clothes or toys from Australia, they loved it all

12 January 2017

We built an orphanage in our time there so we dug out a hole to put in the septic tanks that will be next to the westernised bathrooms. We painted the rooms and cleaned the windows. We also made cement by hand and created a walkway in from of the rooms.

9 January 2017

Went to the croc center where we learnt all about the different crocs they have and walked around. The volunteer part was interesting, we had to go into a pen that had 8 crocodiles and collect their eggs so there is a greater chance of survival. The people that work there had to slap a rubber pole on the ground to get the croc to move off the nest and then get a steel gate to put in front of the collectors so that if the croc does come up it would just ram into the gate. We ended up collecting over 300 eggs.
We volunteered at endomeni lodge where we cleaned up a fallen tree and made a little shelter for the cerval that lives in that pen, he would hiss at us if we got too close but other than that we would just run away and hide. We got to pay cheetahs and fees a cerval. We learnt all about the cats they rehabilitate and breed there. The cats are very gorgeous and more gentle than anyone thinks

8 January 2017

After doing our volunteer week we had a week to look around South Africa and learn about the culture. We learnt about traditional outfits, dances, marriage and their living situations. We also when on a hippo and croc cruise, had some down time and we to see an isangoma which is a type of witch doctor who can tell you about your future, was an amazing experience