Brazil · 6 Days · 4 Moments · March 2016

Our adventure in Rio de Janeiro 3.16

14 March 2016

This. This right here. Took me DAYS to finally get it. There are juice bars all over Brazil. All I wanted was strawberry juice, but no one at the juice bars spoke English 😭 and my Portuguese is terrible. I ordered star Berry juice almost every single day and was always given something else. This is from the cafe right across from Selaron Staircase.
My favorite day by far was getting to see the Christ statue (Wonder #3 for us), and the Selaron Staircase. The views from Sugarloaf Mountain were beautiful as well.

11 March 2016

Back on the mainland for the duration of trip. Much time was spent on Copacabana Beach!

8 March 2016

Island life! We started our trip in Brazil out on the island of Ilha Grande. There are no cars on the island. Wifi isn't very good here. Most travelers here are from the mainland, so there isn't much in the way of translating.