United States of America · 10 Days · 37 Moments · July 2017

California Tour 2017

11 July 2017

Old Town and lunch.
Plant of the day picture. Amazing sea of sunflowers.
Air Force base and capital.

10 July 2017

San Francisco Day! Ferry ride in and double decker tour bus through the city. We stopped for pad Thai in Haite Ashbury district. Thanks to Dustin we saw more than we thought possible in one day.

9 July 2017

Driving day. So many almond trees out here. 3 hours at 80 mph of almond trees

8 July 2017

The Grove. Beautiful LA
Rodeo Dr and lunch
Santa Monica Pier

7 July 2017

Temecula Olive Oil company with my big brother. Beautiful
Bellied up to the bar. Kombucha Bar
San Luis Rae Mission in Oceanside. Educational and beautiful.
Flower of the Day.

6 July 2017

Day 5. Torrey Pines hike and beach trip. We hiked over an hour and half followed by a dip in the Pacific. Lunch at Luna and ice cream sandwich cookies.
See I was there. Thanks Grace for a pic of me.

5 July 2017

Late snack at In and Out burger. Yes we are full and gained 10 pounds in 4 days.
Walk of Fame. Chinese theater and Universal City Walk.
Plant picture of the day at Paramount studio
It's fun being embarrassing to your kids.
City of Angels/LA
Paramount tour with Sam our tour guide.

4 July 2017

I love the plants here.
Winery and Old Town Temecula
Morning run view. Next time I need to drink a gallon of water before leaving the house. Beautiful California. I may not go home.

3 July 2017

Amazing Persian meal and sweet hosts.
Pool time near Del Mar beach
Del Mar Beach
Beautiful day 2 in Murriette California Not a cloud in the sky and we are off to La Jolla

2 July 2017

Baton twirlers
Trump protest.... 🤔
Landed in San Diego and ate our first of many meals. Yummy