North America · 8 Days · 34 Moments · February 2017

Brandon's journi to Anchorage, AK, United ...

3 March 2017

The drive from Tok to Anchorage is magnificent. I never want to leave Alaska now.
Good morning 🏔
Alaskan morning

2 March 2017

Yay in an

1 March 2017

Snow sculpture competition
Bridges and frozen lake! With fish information

28 February 2017

70s porn motif hotel!
Cool stuff in Watson lake Yukon!
Made it to Yukon!
Mm dinner
Bc and Yukon scenery
Canadian Rockies beautiful but rough drive!
Driving through the mountains!

27 February 2017

176km of just this:(
Ice road trucker
Enjoying the snow at the rest stop!
So beautiful
Beautiful British Columbia.
A beautiful morning in Grande Prairie, Alberta.
Hitting the Alaskan Highway!
Pom Pom loves the white death from above, Athena is starting to get used to it. Today she actually pooped in the snow, which is big improvement from yesterday where we had to fine snow free areas for her to go to the bathroom!

26 February 2017

Are they with a little squirrel?
It's beginning to look a lot like... oh, wait, it's a few months too late for Christmas.
Brooke walking the dogs!
Got to see some wild bison while passing the Elk Forest National Park!
Enduring the freezing weather of Canada!

25 February 2017

Brooke with huge coffee pot

24 February 2017

Starting to get cold!

23 February 2017

Mall of america!!!