New Zealand · 7 Days · 14 Moments · November 2015

The kiwi boy who never grew up

28 November 2015

Day 7. It poured down last night, woke this morning and it's been drizzling the whole time. The birds are singing and the whole place is covered in a thick mist. I love it when it rains and I'm in my tent warm and dry, it's better than the sound and feeling you get when it's raining on a tin roof on a stormy night. The only thing better is having someone to cuddle in your tent while it's raining.

27 November 2015

Day 6. Well had a hard day, I woke up feeling drained and energy less so I stayed here yet another day/night.

26 November 2015

Day 5. What a day! Went for a 4 hour round trip around the rocks today and almost lost my life twice, once when I almost got washed off the rocks by a rogue wave and, the other when I got cut off by the tide and had to climb a cliff of loose rocks. Exciting stuff. I caught a crab, Kawhai and found big oysters for my dinner, went and had a bath/shower in a rock pool waterfall and cooked everything on an open fire. Every time I think this trip couldn't get any better it does! I needed this, since I've started my epic adventure I've only been eating whole foods and cooking whatever I've caught or found along the way. This trip has had an amazing effect on my body my mind and soul, truth is, this is my passion and its taken me 38 years to find out that this is what I love and I'm extremely good at it. Now I just need to find a way of turning this lifestyle into a viable business, then I will never have to work again..... A guide? An ambassador? Out door educator? Writer/Blogger?

25 November 2015

Day 4. I met a guy called Edwin from the Netherlands at Pandora, because of the rain he stayed on another day and the fact his tramp took longer than expected he was out of food, so I shared some porridge with him and reluctantly gave him some of my dwindling snack supplies. He was very grateful and I felt good knowing I was able to help, I hope if ever I'm low on food and I'm out in the wilderness that I come across someone that would do the same for me. Representing Kiwi kindness since ages ago. You will never know the value of a jandal until you're exploring 2 hours from camp, around the rocks and one breaks. I had an amazing adventure today, I went fishing, got fresh muscles from the rocks, made a fire and went for a swim. The scenery was spectacular and there was so much to see and discover, I would be happy to live this day over a few more times but know I must move on to accomplish my goals.

24 November 2015

Day 3. Today started out perfect for my 8.5 hour tramp from Sandy Bay to Pandora camp with the weather being overcast until I got to Tapotupotu Bay where I stopped for some nuts and a protein bar for lunch before moving on to Pandora. 5 minutes into the 3.5 hour hill climb it started raining and the clouds rolled in, obscuring my view of the valley and the beach, from that moment on it was muddy and wet for the next 5.5 hours. When your pack weights almost 60kg and the up hill goes for 3.5 hours having good gear really counts especially your boots. To say today was hard is an understatement, it would have been hard if it was dry but to have clay stuck to everything made it so much worse. I passed 2 other trampers on my way to Pandora and asked them how long I had to go because it was almost 6pm, their reply was oh about an hour, I was so relieved to hear that. When they asked me how long they had to go I said 5, the worried look on there faces said it all.

23 November 2015

Day 2. Decided to stay on another night at Sandy Bay, this place is amazing and there hasn't been another soul here since I arrived. I went for a walk thins morning around the rocks to the left and took my fishing rod, snorkel and mask to see what I could find. I found the most amazing rock pool that you could jump off the rocks into, I also caught 2 Kawhai and cooked one for lunch and, dinner in tinfoil over my camp fire. I knew there was a reason I carried lemon with me despite the fact my pack weights 60kg. What a brilliant place to start my journey I couldn't want for anything right now. I also found fresh water and filled my 3ltr bladder. Life is amazing!
Day 2. I woke up this morning with a great sense of joy and excitement, I could hear waves crashing on the shore and birds chirping. I now know my journey of self love and discovery has finally begun or had I known who I was all along and finally started doing what it was I was supposed to do.....? Either way I feel totally relaxed and calm with no agenda and no expectations of what today may bring. I feel so free and happy.

22 November 2015

Day 1. Made first camp today in 30 minutes from Cape Reinga light house to Sandy Bay. Set up my tent went for a snorkel and made a great fire. The weather was amazing and, the wind was really strong at first but now it's calm and I'm in my tent listing to the waves crashing on the beach, things couldn't be better. I caught a small Kawhai off the beach and lost 2 big fish off the rocks, oh well tomorrow is another day. I'm so grateful to be alive and experiencing this beautiful place.
Day 1. Amazing day today went sand boarding, went to Shipwreck Bay in Ahipara and, Tapotupotu Bay far north, then on to Cape Reinga with my family. My cousin Murry his wife Cathrin and my little cousins Hamish and Noah had me for the night in Kerikeri. Great family and such an enjoyable day, thank you so much for hosting me guys it was amazing to spend such quality time with such quality people!

21 November 2015

Kerikeri. Met Matt Watson at the Kerikeri street parade and asked him for a Shimano rod because I left mine in the first ride I got from Pohoi. Great guy humble and friendly.
Kerikeri. This is my cousin and his family witch also make them my family, they had me for the night in Kirikiri and were such great hosts. I'm truly grateful to have family this amazing.
Hitchhiking. I was hitching out of Whangarei when these two fine people Kane and Chloe picked me up and took me all the way to Kirikiri.
Hitchhiking. Hitch hiked up to Welsford today with Nigel. Then I got a ride with Carl and Rachel to Whangarei and this fine lady Vicki took me from one side of town to the other. I left my fishing rod in the car with my first ride then got a ride from Whangarei to Kirikiri with Kane and Chloe.
Hitchhiking. This is Carl and Rachel they picked me up just out of Welsford and gave me a ride all the way to Whangarei.