United States of America · 5 Days · 16 Moments · July 2016

Brad's trip to Branson & Colorado

14 July 2016

This is the view from our cabin in Pagosa Springs

13 July 2016

From sunrise to sunset, traveling to Colorado. Stopped off at Big Texan Ranch and enjoyed some steak before continuing on. Sunset in the mountains of NM on our way. Almost hit an elk, crossed the road in front of us. It was hugh!
Stopped in Oklahoma City, OK at Bricktown. Checked out OKC Dodgers stadium where they have a Johnny Bench Plaza & Way. Then walked to the American Banjo Museum where Jessica had to try out the 'petting zoo'
Beautiful sunrise as we get ready to leave Branson. Off to Colorado, plan to stop in OK, TX & NM on our way

12 July 2016

We finished the evening at The Haygoods show. Had a great time. What an incredibly talented family! They played guitars, banjos, violins, harps, saxophones, keyboards, harmonicas, and probably more that I forgot. Lights & fire & comedy made it a fantastic show
In the afternoon, went to Escape Code, where we had to work together & find/follow clues to make it out of the room in under 60 minutes. We did it, with 3 minutes to spare! We then had a quick dinner at Cakes & Cream 60's Diner and stopped at a Christmas shop.
Started the morning at Promised Land zoo, a faith-based small interactive zoo. The kids loved it. Got to hold, pet & feed many animals. Many signs with Bible verses and sayings.

11 July 2016

Made it to Branson. As we pulled up to resort, noticed everything was dark. Found out they got hit by lightning. They had to manually check us in. Then no elevator! But after about 30 minutes, they got the electric back on.
View from the balcony of our room in Branson
After dinner, made a few stops at a lookout point & then Table Lake state park. Big day tomorrow, planning on zoo (girls really want to hold a sloth) then a room escape & finally a show.
Spent most of the day shopping at Tanger outlet mall.but that finally ended. Time to eat, and again, Trip Advisor helped us out. Went to a restaurant at College of the Ozarks. This college is tuition free but students all must work. Food & service was excellent.

10 July 2016

On the way to Branson, decide it was time to stop for supper. Jessica checked Trip Advisor (anyone else depend on Trip Advisor?) and found a highly rated restaurant for us to try. And bonus, it was on historic Route 66. Stopped at Dowd's catfish & BBQ. We were not disappointed, food & service were worth the stop.
Next stop, & 4th state is St Louis, MO. Had to stop at Arch. First we walked around to see Busch stadium & St Louis Basilica. Then went to the top of the arch.
Final checklist of things we saw. All in Casey, Illinois. State #3 of our trip (Ohio & Indiana)
On our way to Branson, decided it was time to stop for brunch. And what timing, noticed many signs about worlds largest wind chime and golf tee. Since it was joked about that I wanted to see worlds largest ball of twine like Clark Griswald, we had to stop. Saw worlds largest tee, wind chime, rocking chair, mailbox, pitch fork, knitting needle & crochet hook.
Heading out. Left at 6:20am.