India · 69 Days · 33 Moments · January 2018

Smokeless Stoves for India

8 April 2018

Dear Donors & Helpmates, ————————————- Our “Smokeless Stoves Across India” project was a great success. The stoves exceeded our expectations, in both quality & usefulness. Every recipient expressed their appreciation with much happiness and expressions of good will. It was simply wonderful to receive such appreciation!
We enjoyed the assistance of 30 or so persons who helped us in this adventure. We wish to heartily thank everyone individually & as a group. In no particular order, you are: In CANADA: - Donna Andruchow, - Mavis Booker, - Ken Brown, - Yvonne Brown & Larry Dahl, - Pam and Lyle Charlet & the staff of Hathaways Cafe, - Fred Demers, - Markus Eyman, - Pat Flanders, - Rhonda Hardcastle, - Mary McGoey & Randy Morin, - Jay & Arlene Narayanan of EcoVision, - Paul Nash, - Gillian & Andrew Patton, - Tenzing Rabga, - Zeid Rijeb, - Paul Stacey,
In INDIA: - Vijay Kumar, family & staff , Hotel Jain, - Naval Namdeo, - Laksman Rikwar, & family, - Pradeep Rikwar, all from the Khajuraho region of Madhya Pradesh; & Ramesh Kumar, Rohit Patel Inc, Gujarat
We would especially like to thank our good friend Vijay Kumar Jain, the proprietor of the Hotel Jain in Khajuraho. Without his strong connection to the community, finding the most appropriate recipients would have been very difficult.
With a couple of exceptions (2 marriages & such) the stoves were given to families engaged at the agricultural level of Indian society. Many do not have access to reliable power. All relied upon open fires for cooking & heating inside their dwellings. This small piece of technology will improve their lives in several small ways daily.
We regret if we have missed anyone by oversight. Each & all of you have enabled “one sweet dream came true today — yes it did”. Good on us all! Below are photos of the various recipients.

5 April 2018

Sonali Kumar Jain
Hema Narayanan of Pune, a long time supporter & facilitator of uplifting projects with India’s underprivileged youth.

1 March 2018

Mr & Mrs Sagar Sarkar

24 February 2018

15 February 2018

Maya Raikwars parents
Ramshivat Patel, & his father Harpasat Patel
Sitaram Patel
Harprasad Raikwar

13 February 2018

Omprakash Soni
Santo Soni
Guddi Chidilal

8 February 2018

Laxsman & Maya Rikwar and family

6 February 2018

Vijay Jain’s mother
Jeetander’s mother & father have recieved a stove.

5 February 2018

This gentleman, Naval Namdeo, is part of a group which collects & distributes clothing to those who need it. We have gifted him 2 stoves, to give to 2 needful families.

3 February 2018

Ganseym with Brad, Dave, & Banglesh
Ravi Patel & Dave
We have given our friend, Banglesh, a smokeless stove to display in his shop. We are hopeful that there will be interest in it, and that he may be able to sell some to those who can afford it!

31 January 2018

Babaji’s brother & his wife.
“Babaji” & family. Babaji is a local oracle. He is, apparently, an accurate & helpful oracle.

30 January 2018

Unreliable electrical for some in this part of rural India.
While demonstrating the stove for his parents, Laxman proved a most capable chai-wala!
A few more pics at the home of Laxman’s parents.
We gifted our first stove to the parents of Laxman, our friend with a tuktuk. His parents are rent farmers. They grow wheat for ata flour (chapati flour) as well as canola (rapeseed) for oil. In addition, they have a small garden. As they are Rhaikwar (Watermen), they also do a little fishing to supplement their income.
A complete stove system. The complete system consists of stove, wall plug, battery case & connection, solar panel & connection, rechargeable battery pack with wall charger & connection. The solar panels are for rural situations with no power.