Canada · 9 Days · 12 Moments · August 2015

Bowron Lakes Canoe Trip

23 August 2015

Spent our last night in the McMansion (as we've been calling our tent), and it was not as crowded as it has been since the Heidals lost their tent in the river because Mom and Greta slept in the back of the car. Pancakes for breakfast, made with our makeshift spatula made if a piece of split wood. All that's left is to pack up and head home!

22 August 2015

Today took us from Spectacle to Bowron Lake, which made this another big day - 15 miles!!! I was really sore from yesterday, but we made it! It's been such a rewarding and fun experience, but I'm glad to be done and returning to civilization (toilets and showers!!!).

21 August 2015

Started off Lanezi Lake this morning with a tailwind. Today was mostly just a long day of canoeing, 18 miles!!! The pictures are from Lanezi and Skoi Lakes. We camped on the edge of Swan Lake

20 August 2015

We were able to rescue the canoe from the river, along with most of the gear! We started rowing down Lanezi Lake which, although very windy was super pretty. We've stopped at this shelter in hopes of drying out before continuing on.

19 August 2015

Pretty crazy day today! We portaged and canoed down the Isaac River and saw the falls which were gorgeous. We rowed through Lake McCleary. But, heading into the Cariboo River, Jack and Mike tipped into the river, and we lost a canoe and had to ferry back across the river to stay at the cabin on McCleary

18 August 2015

Moose spotting!!!! After an afternoon of floating, and eventually canoeing down the Chute! Pics to come later
Spending tonight at the end of Isaac Lake, and tackling the Chute in the morning. I canoed with Mom today, which worked out pretty well. I also swam today in the very chilly water. Seen several more loons today, and found a butterfly which seemed to love Wyatt and his camo pants!

17 August 2015

Gorgeous view the sunset from tonight's campsite! Paddled 12 miles down Lake Isaac today.

16 August 2015

Canoed from our campsite last night all the way through the lake we were on. When I got out of the canoe to make the portage I sank into the sand up to my knee. But we successfully made it to the corner of Lake Isaac!

15 August 2015

Sunset after our first day of canoeing! Made two very long portages and canoed through one lake!
Morning at Bowron!

14 August 2015

Pictures from the (very long) drive to the first campsite! The drive was made even longer when Pat's car broke down!!!