Hong Kong S.A.R. · 6 Days · 8 Moments · September 2016

Tara Murphy

Borneo (via KL) (Sept 2016)

7 September 2016

Breakfast buffet (before heading out to see orangutans and bears), but check the pic- chicken sausages and beef bacon!

6 September 2016

Spent the afternoon checking out these proboscis monkeys up close and personal! 🐒
Flight Number 13 Looking quite chipper considering we've been up since 4am for this 7am flight! On route to east Borneo to see bears, monkeys and orangutans! 🐒

5 September 2016

AJ and Z, I think you are setting a new trend with your pink flamingo, even here in Borneo with the Chinese! This isn't the first one we have seen!! #RooftopPoolAndBar 😉🍻
Barracuda point, Sipadan. Known as the number one dive site in the world! Check out how many barracuda are here!!
You might laugh at this sign but the image on the left is local way of using the loo in Borneo! 😳

2 September 2016

Luxury accommodation! And check this bathtub & rainfall shower with a view!! 🛁 Reef on our doorstep! 😍

1 September 2016

Flight number 10. 2h20m delay! On route to KL to overnight before a week in Borneo! (Selfie got photobombed!)