North America, Asia · 13 Days · 15 Moments · August 2016

Boren 's adventure in Cambodia

17 August 2016

Speaking with this lovely lady is my highlight every morning.

13 August 2016

Night at the new place is a little on the simple scale. #shack

10 August 2016

Hiking through the jungle to bathe in a river . Day was perfect.

9 August 2016

Angkor Wat. I was left in awe of it all.

7 August 2016

Killing field. My emotions were running all over the place. Felt surreal walking where so many people lost their lives.
Was up at 5am and decided to walk around the square.

6 August 2016

First day fun at the Royal palace.
Landed in Cambodia , so hot.
First meal in Asian country

5 August 2016

Because of a fortune cookie on May 10th that I'm going to Cambodia.

4 August 2016

Going to be a long 24hrs
It's happening , JFK!
First stop Boogie Down Bronx
The journey back home begins now. Full of emotions and excitement.