United Kingdom, France · 10 Days · 11 Moments · August 2018

Bonnie's adventure in Derval, France

19 August 2018

Back over the pont Normandie towards Calais 🙁 river Seine runs underneath

18 August 2018

Last day in Derval, had a lovely day with a treasure hunt, relaxed and had a great evening with music and dancing

17 August 2018

Lastly, went to La Turballe, a beach that rather reminded me of La Rochelle, with its harbour and the boats with their bells. I had a paddle in the sea (and got my jeans very very wet!) and relaxed on the beach in the sunshine ☀️ 😎
Went to the medieval city of Guérande a beautiful place with lovely people and I had a hot chocolat that was amazing 😉
Went to Terre De Sel, (a salt marsh in Guérande) and saw how they harvest salt. Very interesting and beautiful scenery.

16 August 2018

Went to a vineyard in Faye D’Anjou and saw the caves in Doué la Fontaine. Very interesting and unusual places to visit, but had a great day 😊

15 August 2018

Went to Nantes today, fantastic day, had galettes and crêpes, saw a mechanical elephant, went to Fnac, saw a château, and a beautiful cathedral

14 August 2018

Our journey to Derval
Had a good crossing even if I did feel a little sick

13 August 2018

Not long to go until I get on the bus, 5 hours!! All packed and ready for my holiday 😁

10 August 2018

Not long to go now until I get on a coach to go to Derval. It’s been 10 years since I last went to France, so a visit is long overdue. Getting excited and nervous at the same time! We have a full schedule for the week, but we’ve got to go on a ferry 😕🤢 I’m not good with ferries ⛴. Hopefully I won’t be too bad!! 3 days to go!!!! 😁