Romania, United Kingdom · 4 Days · 12 Moments · November 2016

Boglarka's voyage in Cambridge

13 November 2016


12 November 2016

Fitzbillies Museum
Chelsea bun at Fitzbillies
Queens’ College and Mathematical Bridge- Newton built this bridge without using any nails. Nobody knew how he did it so some students knocked the bridge down to try to remake it but they couldn’t do it without nails so they ruined a great physician’s bridge. Today this bridge is built with nails.

11 November 2016

Bridge of sighs in Cambridge- they call it the Bridge of sighs because the students have to go through this bridge before taking an exam.
King’s College from the outside and inside
Trinity and Newton’s tree- the tree where gravity was born
The mystery of the open window: Once upon a time this building burned down and a little girl was in that room. The girl died but when they renovated the house they left the window open so that the girl’s ghost can go in and out.

10 November 2016