Panama · 30 Days · 10 Moments · August 2018

Bocas August 2018

1 September 2018

Just another weekend in paradise

21 August 2018

Dads birthday week! Had fun, despite the fact that almost everyone was sick this week😬

17 August 2018

Yesterday I got to enjoy a walk through the rainforest with the local Ngobe medicine woman. The women of the village showed us some of the medicinal plants they use and they showed us how they make chacaras! A very labor intensive process. The whole day was a wonderful experience.👍🏻🦋

16 August 2018

Red Frog beach and a “social” at the kids’ school today!! Beautiful and hot!

11 August 2018

Weekend fun!

9 August 2018

What to do while the kids are at school.....😄 enjoy the coffee and the beauty!

8 August 2018

Got some wheels and now we can ride to school and around town!!

6 August 2018

First day of school! 1st and 3rd grades.

5 August 2018

Kept it mellow on this beautiful Sunday. Kids got to stop by and see their school today and they start tomorrow!! Sy will have 2 other kids in his class and Poppy will have 6 classmates. The school is cute and even has a dog!!

3 August 2018

Made it to Bocas after an overnight bus! We slept ok but are exhausted nonetheless. Unpacking and relaxing today and all weekend.