United States of America · 9 Days · 15 Moments · September 2017

Bob's and Sue's voyage around Montauk

3 October 2017

Here’s the park and Site
Saw a lot of wildlife at the campsite. From squirrels dropping acorns on our heads, turkeys greeting us each morning, deer bounding by and birds (especially crows) making way too much noise!! Had to fight off mosquitos and some flys, but purchased a nice all natural anti bug spray at the high end “provisions” store in Sag Harbor that worked really well and wasn’t oily or smelly!
On the way home, I decided to take Sunrise Highway all the way in and I think it was a wise choice. A lot of towns to go through when as your approaching the Belt Pkway, but it’s a lot calmer than the LIExp and other choices. Unfortunately Constrution on the Belt Pkway and Goethals bridge had traffic creeping, but all in all, easier on both driver and passengers. With stops, took about 7 hours, approx what it took to get out.
Went in to Sag Harbor to get ice and coffee (forgot) and then next day to have lunch with Shelia and Fred (who are actually our neighbors in Lewes and on vacation in East Hampton). Cute little town, lots of $$ and goods priced to take advantage of the $$$. Beautiful marinas and parks along the coast. Lunch at a “take out” kind of place, but we got a table inside. Lobster salad and soft shell crab. Food was good, successful adventure.
Generally the trip was challenging. Google took us over the GWB, cross bronx to LIExp. Traffic until we got out on the island a ways. Also, Vince Lombardi Rest stop on NJTP is the pits. Good news, we made it and found a nice site. Had a little problem with the RV. We were not aware our refrigerator was running on DC the first night and also were not aware that the replacement battery we have for the camper was not a deep cell type intended for that use. So, more or less dead battery, which should not have been a problem except in the process of starting the generator we tripped two breakers (which I wasn’t aware we had) that are reset with VERY tiny buttons that pop out when tripped. So we’re w/o power and no generator. Were able to find a RV mechanic about an hour away (recommended by Allen in campground office) so of we went. He did his diagnostics and I read the manual. Ultimately he worked his way to the breakers, reset the two tripped and we were back in business.
Overall, Cedar Point County Campground was a joy. That said I would not want to be there in the “high” season. A lot of sites, and not a lot of facilities. Just water, so would expect a lot of tents. For us, we had a prime site a short distance from the bay and very private. All wooded sites, really very pleasant. We had great campfires each night and enjoyed the calm. Was fun!

27 September 2017

We hiked out to the Cedar Point Lighthouse. It’s a fun walk along a spit of beach that creates the Sag Harbor Inlet. The “natives” had been creative and took small conch shells and hung them on a couple trees creating some impressive art (ala Cape Henlopen Monuments). The light house is in disrepair but structure is stone rubble construction so it’s going to stand for a while. We enjoyed the walk, was foggy and conducive to fun on the beach.

26 September 2017

Just some other Photos
Went to the Montauk Lighthouse. Really turned out to be a wonderful adventure (finding propane on the way out was a little testy - but that’s another story!!) Even though it looks clear there were huge misty clouds rolling over the area like a damp blanket. Interesting to see it blow in and out again. Anyway, hurricane Maria had just gone by so wind was up and so was the surf. We talked to an older (very handsome says Sue) surfer who said the surf that day was as good as it ever gets. Apparently, the configuration of the tip the Lighthouse is on generally protects the area where surf was breaking and the breakers are usually small. Maria happened to be in the right location to get around the corner. Was an enjoyable (after the propane episode) excursion. Great scenery and the dogs seemed to enjoy it. Pics attached
Unlaxing at the campsite.
Tough little tree, kind of inspiring!

25 September 2017

Sunrise this morning over Cedar Point Beach

24 September 2017

Last nights fire
1 st night at Cedar Point Campground in East Hampton NY