Canada · 10 Days · 29 Moments · January 2018

Bob’s Ski Adventure in BC

31 January 2018

Leaving Vancouver for home! This trip was fun but so is going home!
Flying to Vancouver. They changed my flight and I am suppose to get to MTL an hour sooner.
Enjoying the facilities at the St Eugene Resort.
At St Eugene Resort they had a First Nations interpretation Center. I bought a nice children’s book.

30 January 2018

Supper at the Shed in Kimberley. It was good! Steamship IPL beer was really nice.
J’ai fait du ski de fond à Kimberley en arrivant de Nelson. J’ai skié 15km. C’était très bien! Ceci est mon 7 jours de suite en ski!!
Some photos from Creston. A larger town between Nelson and Cranbrook. Some pictures are from the 30th and some from 23rd.
La route que j’ai pris aujourd’hui longeait le lac Kootenay. Il y avait de très belle vue pendant cette section du voyage.
Decided to drive on another road to go back towards Cranbrook . This included a neat (and free) 20 min ferry ride across Kootenay Lake. The sun actually came out.
Saw some interesting light in the sky as I was cleaning off the sky.
I gave Jason and Laurie the two sculptures that my dad had made. They were very pleased. They ask me to send my dad this picture to show there appreciation. I saw a neat book that I may buy on fitness and a cook book that Gail recommended. I left to early to be able to buy it.

29 January 2018

J’ai skié à Red Mountain aujourd’hui. Une belle montagne mais il y avait de la brume et les nuages couvraient le haut des mont. La poudres s’est réchauffée et devenu plus lourde puisque la température était au dessous du point de congélation. Mais jambes m’ont lâchée sur ma dernière descente.

28 January 2018

It just keeps on snowing so finding knee to thigh deep powder to make my turns was very fun. Skied with two fellows from the Toronto area today who skied at my level. Jason could not join me today as he had other things to do.

27 January 2018

Il neige tellement maison est bien couverte. Il a tombé un autre 6-8 pouces aujourd’hui .
Jason and Laurie were snowshoeing while I was on my mountaineering skis. We went to Mosquito Cabin in the Rossland Mountain Range. The nature was beautiful with the fluffy, champaign powder on the ground and the clumpy frozen snow stuck to the fir trees.
D’autres photos de notre sortie à Mosquito Cabin...
Nous avons visité la ville de Rossland qui est à 1 heure de Nelson. Il y a des écoles françaises dans les deux villes. Ils avait leur Carnaval aujourd’hui. Il y avait des course de Bob sled( fait maison).

26 January 2018

Day 2 at Whitewater Ski Center. Jason was working today so I went by myself to enjoy fresh new snow(10cm) mixed in with the 30cm powder of yesterday. The Ski hill announced 51 cm in last 48hours. Unbelievable!! I skied alone at first but then met a local guy named Norm. He took me to different trails that were very challenging, exciting and physically demanding. I stopped at 2:00 because I was tired! Locals said that it was best day of the season. Had a good lunch at small cafeteria on Glory Side.

25 January 2018

In the afternoon the power came back on and they gave a discount. We skied for 2 hours in lots of powder. Amazing afternoon! We enjoyed a good local beer at Jason’s house.
We got ready early to go to White Water Ski Center since it had snow a lot during the night. When we got there, unfortunately, we realized that the power was off. No electricity means no lift. We waited for a while then we decided to use our skins to climb. They would not let us climb on the sky hill property ( liability) so we went to a spot further away. We hiked up for a while and the cAme down in knee deep powder. The trees were gorgeous!
The lake in Nelson from Jason’s balcony.

24 January 2018

Jason et moi avons skiè au centre de ski Salmo ce soir. Il neigeait beaucoup, il y avait de la poudre et il faisant chaud.
Great 1st ski experience with the rented backcountry skis.90 min climb with skins and a 10 min downhill ski.
Drove out Kimberley ski Hill for a short ski. 10 cm of new snow!!

23 January 2018

I stayed in St Eugene Golf and casino Resort. It is in Village of St Eugene. The indigenous band converted the old Residential School into a hotel complexe . Very nice facilities. The Band has left important traces to the suffering that the indigenous people suffered there for future generations s to remember.
Je décolle de Vancouver pour Cranbrook. Long et dur journée. C’est maintenant 10 h de MTL.
Un peu de bouffe à Vancouver après un long vol et attente.
About to take off from Montreal in spite of big freezing rain storm for Vancouver . We had a 5 hour delay on the tarmac.

22 January 2018

Before departing I got the privilege to babysit my Grandson Julien. I was lucky that my friend Mike Strange allowed me to sleep at this house since the ice storm would make my arrival in time very difficult.