Europe · 7 Days · 57 Moments · September 2016

Bobo & Dutwi odyssey through Europe

22 September 2016

fantastic Florence
It seems my uploads haven't been uploading ..... Let me rectify that

21 September 2016

The church
Soon enough it was time to say goodbye to beautiful Venice , the city of kissing couples, violin playing artists by the piazzas, smiling gondola captains.... Ciao Venice
Venice water
The canals and waterways
That was Venice which we fell in love with. The beauty of that city makes it the Disneyworld for grown ups! Veni.vidi.vici

20 September 2016

This afternoon we made our way to Milan. As the world mourned the Pitts, we were mulling it over some wine. Milan is vibrant, fun and makes a good shopping spot!
This is Como, on the outskirts of Milan. Being here has nothing to do with the fact that George Clooney has a house by the shores of the lake and that am stalking him.... It is a lovely place.

19 September 2016

Welcome to Italy!
Monaco is another beautiful city!
Road to Monaco
That's road lunch
This is Janelle, our road guide.
Breathtaking Nice
There is just to much to take in !
It is so beautiful
We took a buggy to see Nice
Beautiful Nice
Good morning from the beautiful Côte d'Azur ! I choose to remain here, someone send all I own here because am not leaving. Last night after dinner we went to an Irish pub, it was hectic and rowdy and so we left. Then we found the most happening club in the city, music was kicking like Van Damme, but we couldn't get in. We couldn't understand why, then Dutwi spotted a small sign on the door on why we couldn't get in. We would never in a million years have made the entry cut. Go figure! We laughed our silly selves straight to bed. Pictures of beautiful Nice to follow shortly!

18 September 2016

Dinner is served, it is delicious !
First drink in Nice
Nice by night
This is awesome guys! Nostalgia.
That's our queue to leave! Goodbye London. Onwards!
Running to our gate
Getting convinced to stay....
Maybe a day longer?
We could stay here longer maybe?...
The security is epic!
Goodbye London
At the airport restaurant
It's been lovely but cold in London. Last night was so much fun. Happy to report that we still have the energy of 18 year olds. We went to two clubs, one was fun, the other one I dare not talk about. I can't describe it and do it any justice, let's just say , the last lot of Nigerians in Ibadan ought to shut the lights out. Today we leave for another city. Looking forward to that. Thank you London and goodbye, try getting warm!
We tried getting into this club , since we know nobody( for this reason we miss Nairobi) , we keep it moving ....
Then it was almost time for bed.

17 September 2016

Then had an evil drink !
And some vodka
This is pretty neat!
We saw batman.
The pornstar!
I agree!
Lunch is served!
This is epic, my new mantra!
Found a place to eat!
Going somewhere , just not sure where just yet!

16 September 2016

Potatoes love me.....
Cocktail hour!
First ones to the bar!
Sun finally smiled a tad!
Sights of London
Oops, wrong breakfast, this more acceptable!
Good morning London- breakfast is served!

15 September 2016

Taking the adventure of a lifetime with @dutwi. We've just boarded, about to take off, see you on the other side:-)