North America, Asia · 7 Days · 9 Moments · January 2018

Bloo's journi to Southeast Asia

23 January 2018

Well we are at the last leg of the journey(or the Journi ha ha ha). After having finally exited the airport we went to the area of Shinjuku. Things you may not know...after 2am it’s just a bunch of bars and restaurants (we had some ramen and it was badass) and nothing really touristy. Just a bunch of young Drunk Japanese kids. Somehow managed to make our way back to the airport using the metro. Idk how but it happened. They really keep their trains clean. NYC needs a lesson. Now we’re just sitting at the gate waiting to board. There was Airport sushi involved and it was pretty nifty btw.
Hey y’all, it’s been a second. So Malaysia was fun. We mainly stayed around Klia2. Bought some stuff. Discovered the Malaysian Burger King. Caught up on sleep. FYI they have a well oiled machine of an airport. The best boarding process I have ever seen. Then we got to Japan. The flight was relatively smooth except they kept us taxi’d for almost 2 hours. So now we’re in the airport waiting on a long ass line to grab a cab to see the city.......because the railway system is closed past midnight

21 January 2018

We’re in Malaysia y’all. Right now we’re chilling in the mall attached to the Kuala Lumpur Airport. The hotel is getting prepped for us to check in. FYI for those going to Phuket, while the area is nice, the Phuket airport is a shit show. Completely disorganized, the people are so disrespectful of the space, and they have no idea how to properly set up boarding procedures. Still wouldn’t trade my time in Patong for the world. So yeah, we’re in Malaysia trying to decide what to do tonight. Unfortunately Morgan has developed Bangkok Belly(basically food poisoning) so this trip is a little tougher than we planned but we’re going to make it through. I guess I should be grateful I have a cast iron stomach

20 January 2018

Last day in Thailand! We started with an American Breakfast at the hotel. It was quite delicious. Their bacon is so different than what I’m used to, but it’s still bacon so it’s still good. We then did the Elephant Trek. It was on the same mountain as Big Buddha and from the mountainside you can see all the way to Bangkok. We then did cams back to Patong where we had more beach time and some of these banana pancakes(except I didn’t have nana in mine) and they tasted amahzing. Cut to: the hotel pool for more relaxing with some beers and some sauna time. There was more Pad Thai for lunch/dinner. We almost got matching tattoos to celebrate accomplishing a life goal with this trip but the artists wasn’t in the tattoo shop. Maybe that’s a sign that this isn’t the right time. Now we’re going to have an early night in before an early flight to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow

19 January 2018

So let’s talk about yesterday’s adventure. The night before yesterday, after we ate we basically crash landed in bed but it was so worth it. Yesturday, we started the day with this AMAZING pork satay. It was to die for. We then hit Patong beach. Always fun. Then did a Thai cooking class. I Made some bomb ass Cashew Chicken. After stuffing our faces we chillaxed before going to Big Buddha. It was at the top of the island overlooking everything. It beautiful and serene and there was such reverence. Then we got in and ate some more. So much food. So good. I can’t stop eating. I love Thai food. Then we got foot massages, which were trash. I wanted to get an asymmetrical bob haircut and talk to the manager. Afterward we began an onslaught of drinking. It was rough but nobody got sick. Yay? Yay! Then we ate again. The spiciest Thai Basil Pork I’ve ever had. I could seriously live here. Now I’m on my way to am Elephant Trek!

18 January 2018

So after what felt like years of flights with the occasional delay, we made it to Phuket! Yay! We’re staying the Orchid Resotel, which is amahzing. There’s a pool on the roof and when you check in they give you fruity drinks as a welcome. We perused the area where we grubbed on some amahzing pad Thai(and it was only like, $3 USD), got a Mai a bucket and drank it on the beach, and afterwards got perhaps the best massage ever. Cracked me and stretched me and worked out every muscle. We then took a dip in said with a little bit of tanning because I love being as golden brown as possible. But the evening ain’t over folks. Time to explore more of Patong Beach! Sidebar: there’s a 7-11 on every corner
We are so damn American sometimes it isn’t funny. Sooooooo after a flight delay and this guy who decided to buy a middle seat between me and Morgan(our strategy to discourage someone into taking a middle seat by taking the aisle and window failed) we are now in the Kuala Lumpur airport. Upon trying to find the shuttle bus to our terminal we got hopelessly lost. It was quite hopeless and we were very lost. Good thing we’re 6 hours early for our next connection. The irony is that when we gave up and went to get a cab we saw the sign for the as we wait for the gate announcement we are sitting in a closed Starbucks drinking Dunkin Donuts. #tooamericanforwords

17 January 2018

Y’all, international airlines are EVERYTHING. So the flight from JFK to Tokyo(Narita Airport) was 14 hours but they were so nice. The flight attendants all looked like professional models and they were the best flight attendants I have ever seen. The food was really good. I’m so used to crappy Food from American air travel that this was refreshing. Now we’re just sitting in Narita, waiting on the flight to Kuala Lumpur. Btw this vending machine looks like an amazing game and I want to play it!

16 January 2018

Phase 1 of the big trip..........the airport. We got here an hour early so I guess better safe than sorry, right? The nice woman at the currency exchange had NO IDEA what she was doing, but we got here early, so it was whatever. Now we’re just relaxing, enjoying some mediocre airport bagels and waiting to board. Yay!