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Alenka&Bugi World Tour

8 October 2016

New arrival - Bugi is still waiting on his black one.

30 September 2016

We made did:)!

28 September 2016

Macarena is a neighborhood in Bogota similar to Greenwich village in NYC - many galleries, good restaurants, beautiful people ...

27 September 2016

We started with 5 days intensive Spanish course in Bogota. The Spanish spoken here is the clearest in Latin America.

26 September 2016

Typical Colombian combo lunch.... menu del dia... delicious Tipično kolumbijsko kosilo .. zelo okusno

25 September 2016

Cyclovia every Sunday in Bogotá when the Main Street La Septima is closed for cars from 7am to 2pm. It attracts crowds from rich north and poor south. People cycling, running, walking and exercising their dogs, skateboarding, skating, ... even aerobics in the park next to it. Fresh squeezed juices and empanadas are offered on the street

23 September 2016

Bogota from above. The new skyscraper under construction is crowdfunded by the future owners of the apartments.

21 September 2016

Bogota ON! The first thing that we noticed in Bogota is the Victorian houses and the red brick facades. This architecture came from the British who helped to fight the Spaniards in 19th century. Lovely! Prispela v Bogoto. Prva zadeva ki jo opaziš so hiše v angleškem stilu in številne fasade iz rdeče opeke. Razlog za tako arhitekturo je pomoč Britancev ki so prišli v Kolumbijo in pomagali bojevati špansko nadvlado v 19. stoletju.

19 September 2016

And the food in Mexico City .... just fantastic, so many great restaurants that it is really hard to pick one. The taste of Mango and Avocado is yummy.
Local market
Its time to move on, but Mexico City is definitely a place we want to come back and have some more mezcal coctails!

18 September 2016

And the best way to get around in the city? By Ecobici! And especially on sundays when the city closes main streets for car traffic. Viva Ciclovia!!!
I become a fan of cactus in urban garden settings !!!

17 September 2016

The building of the Frida Kahlo Museum was the birthplace of Kahlo and is also the home where she grew up, lived with her husband Diego Rivera for a number of years, and eventually died

15 September 2016

We fell in love with Mexico City! It is really hard to beat all the style and the charm that follows you at each corner. We believe that NYC is copying Mexico City and not the other way around :)!!!

14 September 2016

Just before leaving LA we were tempted to eat a burger ... Umami Burger ....
Another example of a good design. Blue buses, blue trash cans, blue bus stops!
Hollywood - we also bumped into Arnie there :) Every oscar winning motion picture (best movie category) is displayed in Dolby theater lobby.

13 September 2016

There is some amazing architecture to see in LA downtown. Apart from some very poor areas with many homeless people downtown is a up and coming neighborhood with many new mixed use buildings.
LA is a design city, and this you can see at every corner. Nice colors, innovative ideas, collaboration....
The Broad - museum of contemporary art - was definitely the highlight in Downtown. Mr. and Ms. Broad are adding each week a new piece of art to their collection.
I (Bugi) love crossings, and this is an example of a beautiful diagonal crossing in Santa Monica

12 September 2016

LA (Santa Monica and Venice beach) street art
Healthy lifestyle is big in California! So we went to a raw food restaurant just like locals go :)
Jogging from Santa Monica to Venice beach along the cost. The nice thing about LA is that the weather is always sunny. We were told that the last time it rained was in March!!!

11 September 2016

Santa Monica ON
Time machine - we completed yet another travel back in time :) After crossing the date line, we have Sunday afternoon again. Spet sva potovala nazaj v času. Po tem ko sva prečkala datumsko mejo, je set nedelja popoldne
Sometimes the life is really hard:) ... will miss Auckland

10 September 2016

Art Gallery in Auckland, highly recommended !!!

8 September 2016

The capital of New Zealand - lovely Wellington

7 September 2016

A very nice bus on the way back from Doctor in Wellington, the capital of NZ :)
Trip to the doctor after my small scratches all for bacterial infection and the place on my heel where I stepped on sea urchin wouldn't stop to hurt. Verdict after inspection with ultrasound was there may be a small piece still inside my heel. So 7 days of antibiotics, my scratches all drained and patched and rest for next 24h for medicine to start kicking in. Because of sea urchin accident, the NZ health care system will cover majority of the cost. Prvič pri zdravniku na potovanju. Manjše rane so se mi vse po vrsti vnele in so jih očitno napaden bakterije. Peta se vedno boli od ježka na katerega sem po nesreči stopila. Doktor je pregledal peti z ultrazvokom in pravi da ni več nič notri ali pa samo en majhen delec. Predpisali so mi 1 teden antibiotikov, očistili so vse rane, dalo gor jod in srebro in mi predpisali 24 ur počitka.

6 September 2016

We took the ferry from Picton to Wellington to get back to the north island
Marlborough is a wine region on the South Island. Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir was fantastic

5 September 2016

Kaikoura, famous for fur seals and dolphins and seafood.
There are many nice coffee places all over in New Zealand, and this one in Christchurch has a very interesting interior design.
In 2010 and 2011, earthquakes in Christchurch destroyed many of the historic centre's stone-built buildings. Today, Christchurch is still under reconstruction with many new buildings under development in the city center. There is a lot of creative ideas how to make temporary, low cost improvements to make the city livable again!

4 September 2016

Doing some house work :)

1 September 2016

Goodbye Cook Islands, we will miss you!
The climate on the island is just perfect with many many many sunny days but also enough rainfall .
We took a boat tour to see the lagoon. First we went to 3 snorkeling sites with big fish, small tropical fish and purple coral. Then visited some of the smaller islands in the lagoon. One is called Honeymoon island, which is great for kiters. Another one is called One Foot island and it takes only few minutes walking from one side to the other.

31 August 2016

The lagoon is perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, kiting, SUP ....

29 August 2016

The life is hard on the island, this is what we had to look at from the veranda ...

28 August 2016

Aitutaki is the 2nd biggest Cook's island that lies in the middle of a large lagoon bordered by coral reef. The water is shallow inside the lagoon, but behind the reef it is 3km deep. There are many small uninhabited islands within the lagoon.
Flight to Aitutaki island with a propeller airplane. And on the way to the airport we had a short randez-vous :)

27 August 2016

Kayaking at Muri beach
First stop: Saturday market in Avarua town. Ride with local bus (there are just two clockwise and anti-clockwise) with very entertaining driver Mr. Hopeless. We bought home made local Polynesian island style potato salad and combine it with great flat whites from coffee place at the market.
After nearly 1500km driven in 6 days, we have concluded the southern part of road trip around the NZ's South Island. A lot of driving, got used to left sided driving after a few hours on day 1. Only made 1 mistake today when I drove for few meters on the right side, but it was early morning before first coffee. 1 week of holiday on Cook's Islands awaits before we continue back north. Po skoraj 1500 prevoženih km v 6 dneh, sva končala prvi del ture po južnem otoku in sicer južni krog. Kar hitro sem se navadila na vožnjo po levi strani. V celem času sem naredila samo eno napako in sicer danes zjutraj ko sem se par metrov peljala po napačni strani. In to zgodaj zjutraj, preden sem spila prvo kavo. Zdaj pa en teden počitnic na Cookovih otokih preden se odpraviva nazaj na severni otok proti Aucklandu.
We just shortly stopped in Christchurch today at the Re:START. Re:START is a temporary mall built from shipping containers. It was a response to the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, which destroyed most buildings in the city center.

26 August 2016

Landed in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Roadhouse bar, the only bar opened after 9PM on Friday night.
Moeraki boulders - funny looking, some are ball shaped, some have split. Mix of black mudstone cemented calcite. They have been shaped by waves. Zanimivi kamni v Moeraki. Oblikovali so jih valovi, sestava pa je kamen iz črnega peska in kalcit.
Claimed to be world's steepest road with actual streets crossing and houses on it - Baldwin street in Dunedin. The diets picture has a car passing as "live" photo but I don't think you can see it. Locals that live there really have to press on gas pedal when they drive up. Baldwin street je baje najbolj strma cesta, kjer res tudi ljudje živijo v hišah direktno ob cesti in so ostale ulice povezane nanjo. Lokalci ki tu živijo, ful pospešijo in pritisnejo na gas ko se peljejo gor.
Hunting to see sea lions and penguins. We saw many sea lions resting on the beach and in the grass. Some even fighting for space or for fun, not sure. Due it many, we didn't make it to the hiding place where we could have waited for the yellow-eyed penguins. We did surprise few sea lions in the grass :) Na lovu za morskimi levi in pingvini. Videla sva kar veliko morskih levov, ki so spali na obali, nekateri so se pa tepli med sabo. Pingvinov pa zal nisva videla, ker nisva uspela priti do druge strani obale so skrivališča na obali, kjer bi jih lahko čakala.
Dunedin is the biggest city in the South Island with the oldest university in New Zealand, lots of coffee shops and galleries!

25 August 2016

Doubtful Sound is a very large and naturally imposing fiord in Fiordland, in the far south west of The South Island. The name doubtful originates from captain Cook who was uncertain if there will be enough wind for the ship to come back out. It is actually not a sound but a fiord but the name stuck since Cook.

24 August 2016

In Te Anau we visited a cave with twinkling glowworms and rushing water. Glow worms are insects that glow through bioluminescence in order to catch food.
Finally some home cooked food! Končno sva si nekaj sama skuhala!
Queenstown is the birthplace of bungy jumping, and mecca for adrenaline junkies. It's the main hub for skiing in winter and summer activities with plenty accommodation options, restaurants, bars and shops. Alenka wanted to go skiing, but due mild winter this year and bad weather (rain and fog) she didn't go.

23 August 2016

Clay cliffs (next to Omarama) on the way to Queenstown. Klifi iz ilovice na poti v mesto Queenstown.
Salmon farm. We had for lunch salmon chowder and bought cold smoked salmon. They also had whole raw salmon, hot and smoked salmon, and sashimi. It's very tasty!!! Gojišče lososa, kjer sva tudi jedla neke vrste obaro z lososom (chowder). Kupila sva tudi prekajen surov losos (imeli so prekajenega na toploti ali brez) za na pot. Zelo okusno!
View of Mt Cook (the highest peak in NZ - 3754 m) from lake Pukaki just before the clouds complete covered it. Pogled na Mt Cook, ki je najvišja gora v Novi Zelandiji (3754m), in to tik predno so oblaki zakrili goro.
First stop on South Island - Lake Tekapo
Hiking Mount John at 8am. Clearest sky in Southern Hemisphere. Pohod na Mount John ob 8ih zjutraj. Najbolj jasno nebo na južni polobli, zato se sem hodi gledati zvezde.

22 August 2016

Ready to leave for South Island - Christchurch here we come and we plan to reach lake Tekapo tonight. Driver's license translated and credit cards received (at least some). Car rental and hotel for tonight also booked :)

21 August 2016

We can confirm Auckland is one of the most livable cities in the world.
Our AirBnB appt feels like being at home - nice host, location in the middle of vibrant neighborhood and we can finally do the laundry

19 August 2016

Auckland ON - a very livable City!!!
Flight Singapore-Auckland by Air New Zealand was fantastic - they have SkyCouch in the economy class. And again the airplane was the 787 Dreamliner.

16 August 2016

Fight Delhi-Singapore by airbus A380. Alenka slept like a baby, I did not sleep at all due to turbulencies (but watched all new movies :) )
This post is not meant to be negative, the historic sites are truly incredible and the people are very nice. To develop a positive future for India, the people (and the elected government and birocrats) will need to put in place a meritocratic system that puts the interest of the people and country before the interest of the individuals. Achieving transparency will stop the dishonest practicies and give opportunity to everyone. Small steps like cleaning the streets, organizing trash collection and building public toilets will have huge impact on quality of life. Maybe organized as a public work initiative. We have seen too many big projects that benefit few, often elites.
Incredible India is the narrative of the ads running on CNN. Traveling around the country over past 10 days (like Gandhi did before) gave us a more sober view: it is still poor country, the amount of trash on the streets and the smell is nothing we have seen in any other country so far. Traveling is difficult as no agreement is ever final and needs to be negotiated numerous times, and there are touts running around who only want to rip you off and cash in their commission.
We have decided to leave India fast. After 10 days we have had it with touts (even by professionals like hotel managers), noise (drivers here honk all the time and can't wait even 5s in traffic), dirt and smell. Thursday evening local time we should be in New Zealand. For security reasons you can go to check-in area 6h before departure, and 24h before to arrivals & waiting area. Odločila sva se, da po hitrem postopku zapustiva Indijo. Po 10 dneh imava dovolj neprestanega nategovanja (se posebej od profesionalcev kot so hotelski managerji, kjer to res najmanj pričakuješ), hrupa (na cesti, cel čas, ker indijski vozniki ne morejo niti 5 sekund počakati in takoj začnejo na vso moč po hupi pritiskati), umazanije in smrada. V četrtek zvečer po lokalnem času bova že v Novi Zelandiji. Zaradi varnosti te šele 6 ur prej spustijo do check-in, do 24h prej pa do dela za prihode & čakalnico.

15 August 2016

We decided to leave Manali after less than a day. So did many others, as it was final day of national holiday. 100 or more buses were ready to take people back to their homes. In Himachal only seater buses are allowed and this time majority were actually Volvo buses. The driver was driving safely, so less worries this time. We got last 2 available seats in last row. The bus parking lot was full of mud and this time there were horses wandering around and searching for food remains. In Bea river valley it is apple harvest time. Odločila sva se da predčasno po manj kot enemu dnevu zapustiva Manali. Odhajalo je veliko ljudi, ker so se končale krajše počitnice. 100 ali več avtobusov je čakalo da odpelje ljudi nazaj proti domu. V Himachalu so samo avtobusi z navadnimi sedeži dovoljeni in tu so večinoma res Volvoti. Dobila sva zadnja 2 sedeža v zadnji vrsti. Parkirišče je bilo polno blata, in tokrat so okoli hodili konji in iskali ostanke hrane. V dolini reke Bea ravno pobirajo jabolka.
Manali has lost its mojo. We expected tranquility in the mountains and were shocked with mass scale resort place, actually by now the whole valley has mushroomed with resorts, hotels, B&Bs and tents. River is nice but not as white as we know it from the Alps and chaotic traffic with constant loud honking disrupts the peace. The nicest part was the town park where they were filming new Bollywood triller. Some of experience may have been spoiled by the fact we picked the worst weekend ever with 3-day national holiday due to Indian Independence Day, so many Delhiites came here. Manali je izgubil svoj čar. Pričakovala sva gorsko vasico ob reki sredi himalajskega gorovja, v realnosti pa so kot gobe po dežju zrasli različni hoteli in moteli in kaotičen promet, ki s konstantnim hupanjem povzroča neznosen hrup. Našla sva sprehajalno pot skozi gozd, kjer so snemali nov Bollywood triler. Za negativno izkušnjo je verjetno krivo tudi dejstvo da je bilo zaradi dneva osamosvojitve 3 dni prosto.

14 August 2016

McLeod Ganj is a small town in Himalaya (1770m), which is the headquarter of Tibetan government in exile and the residence of Dalai Lama. Many Buddhist monks in amber ropes wander around the town, which has a lot of nice cafes with very good coffee. You can see some pictures about Tibet and young next Dalai Lama imprisonment. McLeod Ganj je majhno mestece v himalajskih hribih na 1770nm, kjer je tibetanska vlada v izgnanstvu in prebivališče Dalai Lame. Po mestu se sprehajajo budistični menihi v rdečih cunjah, najde pa se tudi kar nekaj luštnih kavarnic z zelo dobro kavo. Na slikah se vidi tudi par stvari o Tibetu in izginotju (zaprtju) mladega naslednjega Dalai Lame.
On Sunday we departed Amritsar at 7am to take a long journey of 210km to McLeod Ganj and additional 240km to Manali, all in Himalaya mountain area at around 2000m above sea. - A lot of traffic on the road. - Black smoke coming from brick factory, there are many like this. - Cows on the street. - A mini bus stuck in road side gutter. We reached Manali at 22:15 and had monsoon rain several times on the road. Bugi also got a bit sick (cold) for the road. V nedeljo sva že ob 7h zjutraj zapustila Amritsar in se odpravila najprej 210km do McLeod Ganj, potem pa se 240km do Manali, oba visoko v himalajskih hribih nad 2000nm višine. - Cel čas veliko prometa na cesti - Črn dim iz tovarne opeke - takih tovarn je veliko po Indiji - Krave na cesti - Mini bus se je zagozdil v obcestnem jarku V Manali smo prispeli ob 22:15 in večkrat po poti doživeli monsunski dež. Bugi je tudi nekaj zbolel za na pot, izgleda samo nahod.
We liked Amritsar because there was a lot of construction going on and it seems the mayor is very ambitious in improving the quality of life in Amritsar. New sidewalks are built (which is very very seldom in India), facades are being renovated, we saw bus-only lanes (BRT) being constructed on two main roads, which means a good public transportation is coming soon. Amritsar nama je bil všeč ker imajo očitno zelo ambicioznega župana ki želi izboljšati kvaliteto življenja v mestu. Gradijo se novi pločniki (kar je zelo velika redkost v Indiji), obnavljajo se fasade, gradi se tudi hitre avtobusne linije na pasovih rezerviranih izključno za javni prevoz.

13 August 2016

Mutual demonstration of military power at the Indian-Pakistan border checkpoint Wahga-Attari (30km from Amritsar). A show itself has an entertaining character (marching, raising legs high above the head and muscle demonstration by soldiers marching and public viewing the show), but also a scary one due to heavy military on both sides. Further up north is the region of Kashmir and Jammu, where military disputes between India and Pakistan are unfortunately part of people's daily lives. Just yesterday on Independence Day several people were killed. Na mejnem prehodu med Indijo in Pakistanom (kraj se imenuje Wahga-Attari, 30km od Amritsar) je dnevno razkazovanje vojaške moči obeh držav. Predstava je po eni strani zabavna (dvigovanje nog nad glavo, posebne uniforme, spodbujanje ljudi), po drugi strani pa ustrahujoča, saj je na obeh straneh prisotna zelo oborožena vojska. Malo bolj na severu je regija Kašmir - Jammu, kjer so vojaški incidenti del vsakodnevnega življenja. Samo včeraj na dan
The Golden Temple in Amritsar India is the central religious place of the Sikhs. In the temple everyone is given free lunch and food, so a good place for the poor no matter which religion!

11 August 2016

The travel from Pushkar to Amritsar was a pure adventure!:) We booked train from Pushkar to Delhi, which took us 9 hours, and then night bus from Delhi to Amritsar for another 8 hours. The train was very slow with many stops, but this is not really an issue. The issue is more the cleanliness of the train - we saw a rat running in the train. The passengers were amazed by our reaction to see a rat, they told us this is just normal:). In the bus we had a capsule-like cabin where you lie and sleep during the drive, but again somethimes the smell of the toilet wakes you up:). Vožnja od Pushkarja do Amritsarja je bila prava dogodivščina. Najprej vlak do Delhi-ja 9 ur, in potem avtobus 8 ur do Amritsar-ja. Vlak je sicer počasen, kar ni problem, problem bolj je da je vse zelo nečisto, in zato sva videla celo podgano na vlaku. Ostali v vlaku so se zabavali nad najino reakcijo, in nama obrazložili da so podgane nekaj cisto normalnega v Indiji:). Tudi avtobus je bil zanimiv, bil je spalnik in s

10 August 2016

Like the vintage signage and nice colors Lepa postarani napisi in barve
Bugi found yet another profession - feeding the holy cows in the streets. Definitely street activity, and cows really struggle to find any food and mostly feed on trash, often being a plastic bag or carton with some food remains. Bugi je spet našel nov poklic - hranjenje svetih krav. Aktivnost na ulici kar mu je všeč. Krave cel čas iščejo hrano ki je ni veliko v mestu in se na koncu predvsem hranijo z ostanki hrane v smeteh, večinoma ližejo ostanke hrane z vrečk in kartonov
We spent a day in Pushkar. The town is small with only 15,000 people and a lot of tourists and Hindu pilgrims. A devout Hindus should visit Pushkar at least once in their lifetime. The town is built around a holy lake with 52 bathing ghats where Hindus bath in mornings and evenings and kids swim during the day. It also has one of the world’s few Brahma temples and 400 other milky-blue temples. You can hear prayers (puja) practically all the time and every day there is some kind of celebration. This creates a soundtrack of chanting, drums and gongs, and devotional songs. As part of morning ritual there is also a tourist rip off scheme going on. First they offer you flowers to throw in the lake, then they lead you to lake where they want you to pray and finally give money to temples. But people doing it don't look like monks at all. So watch out for flower and flower petal giving people.

9 August 2016

Incredible India is the narrative of the ads running on CNN. Traveling around the country over past 10 days (like Gandhi did before) gave us a more sober view: it is still poor country, the amount of trash on the streets and the smell is nothing we have seen in any other country so far. Traveling is difficult as no agreement is ever final and needs to be negotiated numerous times, and there are touts running around who only want to rip you off and cash in their commission. This post is not meant to be negative, the historic sites are truly incredible and the people are very nice. To develop a positive future for India, the people (and the elected government and birocrats) will need to put in place a meritocratic system that puts the interest of the people and country before the interest of the individuals. Achieving transparency will stop the dishonest practicies and give opportunity to everyone. Small steps like cleaning the streets, organizing trash collection and building public toi
Jaipur - the pink city, with many royal palaces and other buildings. Jaipur city street life. The city streets look cleaner and are more pleasant to walk around under pink arcades with nice bazaars offering all kinds of things.
Bugi considered taking up new career as goat shepherd in Jaipur Bugi se je v Jaipurju navdušil nad kozami in razmišljal o novi karieri kot kozji pastir. Začel bi kar z veliko čredo.
Jaipur - the pink city, with many royal palaces and other buildings. The major attraction, the Royal city palace in Jaipur
Jaipur - the pink city, with many royal palaces and other buildings. Jantar Mantar (astronomic tools and observatory) in Jaipur
Jaipur - the pink city, with many royal palaces and other buildings. Palace Jal Mahal on a different lake, lake Man Sagar. Here is where royal family used to live during summer as weather was more pleasant on the water before air conditioning arrived.
Jaipur - the pink city, with many royal palaces and other buildings. First one Amer fort - this time from the road. It is very big. The whole fort and city of Amer are encircled with wall and there are two additional forts protecting the palace
Jaipur - the pink city, with many royal palaces and other buildings. Inside Amer fort, there are three courtyards and the third one is for private royal family use. There are two sides, on one is the Mughal patterned garden and on the other side the Jai Mandir house for gatherings.
Jaipur - the pink city, with many royal palaces and other buildings. First one Amer fort, the royal palace for Raj Singh since ca 1500AD before it was moved to Jaipur

8 August 2016

Agra shocked us with more stereotypical impressions about India. First of all, trash is everywhere and now in summer you can also smell it almost everywhere. Streets are full of cows and they walk as they please - crossing the road when they wish, resting (digesting) on one lane of the road. Unfortunately very often they also feed in hills of trash. Besides cows we saw some goats (less than in medial part of old Delhi) and mid sized stray dogs. While the sights are magnificent, both Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, the city itself has less to offer. 2 million sized city has plenty of rip-off traps such as touristy shops and high prized restaurants offering mediocre food. Hard to wander in the streets due to traffic, animals, trash and the smell. You have to haggle for everything - even moto-rikshas with meter don't want to use it and instead negotiate for fixed rate with you. If you seek peace and tranquility you have to head out to few of the nice hotels. Ours had best mangos ever
Pictures grom Agra
Indian breakfast - rice pancake "masala dosa" with potato "aloo" filling. All this combined with chutneys: white one is delicious coconut chutney, red one is tomato based, sometimes a bit spicy. The soupy sauce is sambhar which is also very common for breakfast and a bit spicy (few potatoes in there and some veggies with typical Indian masala like taste).

7 August 2016

Agra Fort
Taj Mahal

6 August 2016

Packed and ready to start 10 day round trip around NE India. 5 train tickets from here to Agra (Taj Mahal), Jaipur, Ajmer/Koshur and then Amritsar. After that bus in the hills, you train Shimla-Kalka and back to Delhi by fast train from Kalka (this part is not yet booked, we will have to manage on the way or online).
New kindle as I forgot my old one in Arusha :(
New Delhi impressions
#Socialoffline - Great place to hangout and eat modern take on Indian food combined with fusion.

5 August 2016

Arrived in New Delhi. Flight was ok, not very full and relatively small plane (Boeing 737-800). Minor delay, only 30 minutes. Indira Ghandi international airport is quite nice, clean facilities and especially no lines for immigration. And then Costa coffee before we order UberX to go to our hotel in New Delhi center. We have been driving for almost one hour now, should be 15 more minutes.
After 7h at Nairobi airport lounge, we finally left for Addis Abeba. Airport is not as modern and organized as Nairobi, but the vibe is very nice. European style bar with draft local Ethiopian beer. Waiting on 11pm flight to New Delhi.

4 August 2016

Africa exceeded our expectations - Lovely people, beautiful nature, astonishing wildlife... Also there is a growing middle class and the living standard seems to be improving. But to make opportunities accessible for everyone, East Africa needs to tackle some severe challenges first: 1 Access to water 2 Corruption (Kenya is at the top of world's worst list) 3 Unemployment (40%) 4 Expensive health care and education - same price for everyone, even for the poorest We are very optimistic about the future of the continent and hope to come back soon!

2 August 2016

Masai Mara safari
In Masaai Mara, we slept in tented camp. It is more like apartment in nature, with 2 beds, bathroom and outside shower. Each day they bring hot water for showering. As it was also at 1800m altitude, the nights get quite cold, so we got good night sleep. Except last night, when we were told that there are exceptionally many animals this year (probably related to El Niño) - so you can expect zebra, giraffes, African deer and even elephants potentially wander on site. Bugi was so concerned he couldn't sleep most night :)

31 July 2016

Visited a tea plantation and giraffe center close to Nairobi. Kenya is the biggest black tea producer. Tea production has long tradition and has been made popular by British. We had nice lunch with Scottish lady born in Kenya who has tea farm and organizes luncheons on the weekends. Tea was fabolouus, tastes like English breakfast tea. There are 9 types of giraffes living in Africa, three of those in Kenya: reticulated above the equator line in the north (dry region), and Maasai giraffe and Rothschild giraffe in the south side. When rothschild giraffes were almost extinct in 1979 (only 120 were left, the Giraffe center was established to protect them. They breed them here and then they are sent back to wild. Today here 300 Rothschild giraffes all safe and breeding well.

29 July 2016

Nairobi ON

28 July 2016

After 7 days we successfully reached the peak of Kilimanjaro - Uhuru. On day 6 we started to walk at midnight from the Barafu camp at 4600m and reached the peak at 7am right after the sunrise. It was the toughest climb ever not because it was technically difficult, but because of the altitude which makes you feel like you have very heavy feet and makes even a breathing a challenge. But it was worth it:)!!

23 July 2016

The incredible crew of 13 people made it possible to climb the Kilimanjaro. 10 porters, 1 cook and 2 guides. Asante sana (thank you in Swahili)!!!

22 July 2016

Start climbing by car
All packed for Kilimanjaro hike and storage in office. Ready to go!

21 July 2016

Final preparation for the Kilimanjaro climb
Today we spent the day in Arusha, tmrw the 7-day climb to Kilimanjaro starts.

20 July 2016

Two important words we have learned so far in Tanzania: Jumbo -> hello Karibu -> thank you TIA -> this is Africa (if anything goes wrong they would say TIA:) )
Tarangiri park is the home of elephants, but also giraffes, zebras, leopards (which we didn't see) and ostrich!
On the Way to the Tarangiri park! I know I'm (Bugi) obsessed with crossings :)
Early morning activity :)

19 July 2016

Ngorongoro Safari -> wildebeast, water buffalos, warthogs, zebras, thompson and grand gazelas, elephants, antelopes, great crown crane, ostrich, pink flamingos, lion and lioness, hippopotamus, black rhinoceros, hyena, jackal, baboons, and more birds.

18 July 2016

Our first real posting The flight with Ethiopian was quite ok, a bit crammed in the seat, but at least we got a lot of light in Boeing 787 Dreamliner. After paying half the price for visa than American in line after us, we finally entered Tanzania at Kilimanjaro international airport. During the day we already learned a few rules of doing funky business in Tanzania: 1. If you want hassle free travel, book safari package 2. Be ready to spend a lot of time discussing everything 3. Negotiate everything and question every rule and policy We finally made it to the lodge overlooking Lake Manyara. At arrival, the elephant's honking greeted us but we couldn't locate the elephant with binoculars. We saw some very small baboons and were warned that they may come into room especially since it is full moon and they are more active now. At night, there are many things flying and crawling around the room so let's see how good the sleep will be. Tomorrow at 8am we leave for safari.
View from the lodge
On the Way to the Manyara lake
Kilimanjaro airport ON
First stop in Africa - Addis Ababa with Boeing 787 Dreamliner

17 July 2016

Luggage not too heavy
Ready to launch

15 July 2016

Final tests before departure

11 July 2016

Coming back to work on 2.1.2017 :)