Denmark · 5 Days · 9 Moments · April 2017

Blayne's voyage in Denmark

28 April 2017

Our first day in Copenhagen we visited the Christianborg Palace. It was my favorite part of our whole trip. I loved it so much I got it tattooed on my body. This tattoo we forever be a reminder of the amazing opportunities and experiences I had at EOSC.
I want to brag on our hosts. Astrid and Josephine gave us the ultimate Dane experience. Everyday they had something new for us to try. Even though they both had to work Thursday their families treated us as their own. I made some forever friends that I can't wait to see again.
We visited an art museum named Aros. It was very interesting. I wish we would've had more time to look around. An artist bought a Lamborghini just for himself and others to carve and scratch with a key. That man is obviously crazy, has a wealthy family, or other prized pieces that keep the his bank account nice.

27 April 2017

I felt very at home with our host families. We had dinner together every night. We would sit and just talk about how different our homes are. Even though I was thousand miles away I felt at home. Everyone was so inviting. I'm a pet lover, so their animals were fun to play with. They made me feel very hygge.
My first time at the beach was kind of unusual. It wasn't warm and sunny with a cold mixed drink in my hand. I was so cold that the wind was hurting my ears. You couldn't walk barefoot on the beach either because of all the broken shells. Every step I took there was a crunch. We climbed a rather tall light tower. It is older so there was no elevator. I'm going back to the US with great legs. The view was amazing and well worth the climb.

25 April 2017

This is breakfast. I am a breakfast person, but I like the U.S. breakfast more. Here they do an assortment of breads and cold cuts. They eat open face ham and salami sandwiches for breakfast. I've been eating bread and jam with a side of cold but cooked bacon. What I would give to have some scrambled eggs and hash browns.

24 April 2017

The flowers here are very different. I want to take them home for everyone to see. The pinkish flower is from the Sweden train station. It resembles a dandelion but much bigger. Sabrina thought the yellow flower was a sunflower from a distance. They're actually much cooler than that. Trivoli is an amusement park right in the middle of the city. This is where I found this huge cat painting. I'm a cat lover and couldn't pass up taking a picture of it. For dinner we had burgers, which were awesome. The fries were perfect. Sabrina and I just ate and strolled around Trivoli shopping.

23 April 2017

Am I the only one absolutely dreading the flight home? By the end of our 10 hour flight I was fanning myself with the flight information folder. I started a slight feeling nauseated, so I took a Dramamine. I got 10 times more nauseous after, which is probably because I hadn't ate since chicken teriyaki. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EAT THAT STUFF THE SAME. I was excited to get off that plane, and once I did I felt fine. The next flight flew by. The marble cake they served was great. A much taller girl sat next to me. She looked exactly like my step mom. I wanted to ask for a picture, but I also didn't want to be weird. I thought our connecting flight was going to land in the ocean. It didn't and I'm ecstatic to be here.
Walking down the streets of Copenhagen was beautiful. They don't do away with old buildings. Many of the building are completely gutted and rebuilt on the inside, which preserves much of the cities history. The new architecture is also quite amazing. You can see the Opera house behind me across the water. That building is used for diving competitions too. They put a plank on the top of the building and they dive into ocean.