Europe · 21 Days · 81 Moments · September 2016

Elaine and Jerrys trip to United Kingdom

18 October 2016

Went for supper at The Cove and had to take photos of the beautiful water and skies.
Jerry having fun with the armour.
Views from the castle.
Inside the castle.
Spent the morning exploring Pendennis Castle.

17 October 2016

Supper at the Pandora Inn!
What a great day. We saw so much of the North coast of Cornwall. Dave drove us all over. First stop was the Cornwall Gold store. I ended up picking out a charm for my Pandora bracelet. Then we were off to check out the beaches and ended our day at the Pandora Inn for fish & chips.
Got up early this morning and went for a morning hike with Hazel, dave's sister in law who actually lives in Mawnan Smith. Best person ever to go for a hike with. She knows so much about the area. We had the best history lesson ever.

16 October 2016

The day the Bennett family had to go home. We were only going to go for a walk down to the cafe. We ended up going for a two mile hike along the coastal trail. Check out the attire especially the shoes. Not really good for hiking. I don't think they really wanted to go home!

15 October 2016

Went out for supper the night before Martin & Debra had to go home.
More photos of picturesque Falmouth!
Oyster fest was on this weekend. Joe had not had an oyster before so he had to try one.
Today we spent the day in Falmouth, Cornwall with Martin, Debra, Sophie and Joe.

14 October 2016

From Lands End on to pretty St. Ives!
From the Theatre and on to Lands End!
Mine and Jerry's acting debut!
The Minack Theatre.
Our first full day in Cornwall was spent exploring. Martin, Debra, Jerry and I took a long walk along a coastal trail. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so all my photos are on Martin's camera . So I am going to have to wait for them. In the afternoon Dave, again our chauffeur took us on a wonderful tour along the coast. We had a look at St. Michael's Mount in Mounts Bay, Cornwall and continued on to the Minack Theatre, a unique open air theatre built into the side of the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean by a lady named Rowena Cade.

13 October 2016

Met up with my cousin Martin and his wife Debra who had lovingly driven down from Burton and rented a cottage in the same small town for 3 days so that we could spend some time together. We haven't seen them in 18 years. Their daughter Sophie and her boyfriend Joe also joined us later that night.
We picked up a nine seater van and with Dave driving took off on our four hour road trip to Southampton. We had to make a small detour to take a peek at Stonehenge. We stopped at the information centre and had a tea and a quick look around. We didn't take the tour of the actual site as we would have had to take a bus, so we did a drive by.

11 October 2016

Stopped at a little restaurant on one of the little back streets on the way back. Octopus seemed to be the main choice for everything on the menu but we did manage to find a few things to eat. Check the photo out with the 🐙 on display at the entry to the restaurant. The bakery and chocolate shops had us stopping to pick up dessert.
At the Hercules monument!
Points of interest along our walk!
Our last stop on our cruise La Corunna, Spain. We wondered the picturesque streets. Stopped at the square and walked what was supposed to be a quarter of a mile (according to Jerry) and was more like two miles to statue of Hercules.

9 October 2016

Jerry and I took a little side trip on our way back to the ship. We stoped off at the smallest country in the world.
The beautiful downtown. Loved the tiled streets!
Inside one of the linen shops. This one was on the second floor.
Old town! All the streets were very narrow and every door was painted by a different artist.
The basket ride!
The Church at the top of the hill!
Beautiful flowers at the gardens!
We walked to the cable car to take us up to the top of the island but the line was so long it would have taken us forever together to the top. Fortunately a young taxi driver, Altonio, stopped us and gave us a great deal on a ride to the botanical gardens,and the church at the top of the island which is also where the 2km basket ride down the narrow streets starts. He then picked us up at the bottom and drove us to old town. From there we walked the beautiful streets of the downtown area back to the ship.
Funchal, Madeira is now on my "have to go back to" list. Loved this pretty city with all its history and beauty.

8 October 2016

Had lunch at a cute little restaurant. The young staff didn't speak English but the lady in charge spoke a little and ordered tapas for us. The nice part was, I could eat all but two things they brought out.
Another of their churches!
Stopped in on one of their beautiful churches.
Santa Cruz, Tenerife Another beautiful city. We stepped off the boat and walked into town.

7 October 2016

Stopped at Las Palmas, Grand Canaria today. What a nice port. Unfortunately we had the Chefs Table the night before and were a little under the weather. Need to go back!

5 October 2016

The architecture of this city is beautiful.
Laurel and Don booked a van for us in Lisbon. Had a great driver. He took us all over Lisbon to places we definitely wouldn't have seen on foot.
Entering the port of Lisbon. Passed once one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Similar to passing under the Golden Gate Bridge.

4 October 2016

Had a day at sea yesterday. Today we are in Vigo, Spain. It looks a little drizzly but it didn't take us long to strip off our sweaters on our mile walk uphill to the old fort.

2 October 2016

Alan and Celia drove us to the docks in Southampton Sunday morning. We had the best driver, she didn't miss a turn drove us straight there and waited with us until our friends joined us. It was hard to leave them behind. Wish they were travelling with us.😥

1 October 2016

Fish and chips with wonderful friends!😀
St Nicholas Church was built around 1140 and is one of the oldest parish churches in Surrey. The church is Grade 1 listed and has been used as a place of worship for over 850 years and is still used today. All three of my Godfathers children were Christened there and two of them were married there.
Our last day with Alan and Celia before they drive us to Southampton tomorrow. A quiet day at home doing laundry and enjoying each other's company. The day was a little wet but we managed to get a nice walk in. Went through the woods and bridle trails to St. Nicholas Church.

30 September 2016

Supper at The White Hart pub. Great food and great company. Life doesn't get any better than this!😀
A guys dream museum! Buses, bikes, cars and planes. It's also great going with lifetime members. How else would we be able to have lunch in the members only bar.
The aviation section of the museum was also fascinating and again Jerry couldn't resist jumping into the cockpit of the fighter jet.
Spent the day at Brooklands Museum, the birthplace of British Motorsports and Aviation. The Home of Concorde and the site of many engineering and technological achievements throughout eight decades of the 20th century. Jerry had a ball. He had the opportunity to drive a formula 1 race car simulator and did very well. He was only half a second off the fastest time. Travelling at an average of 220mph. He couldn't stop smiling!😀

29 September 2016

For all the car lovers out there. This is the place for you! Mercedes Benz World was a fascinating look into the history of the Mercedes Benz car.
Took a trip to Danielle's home for lunch and a side trip to Meredith's country home on our way to Mercedes Benz World. Beautiful views of the Surrey Hills!😀

28 September 2016

The Royal Horticultural Society's garden at Wisley is in the English county of Surrey south of London. Wisley is a large and diverse garden covering 240 acres (971,000 m²).
Wisley Church was also en-route and is an interesting example of a mid-12th century Norman village place of worship. There was a drastic restoration in 1872.
Made a trip to Wisley Gardens today. Passed by The Anchor where we had supper last night. Couldn't help but stop and take some photos during the day. The locks were also busy with boats passing through. Jerry couldn't resist talking to one of the boat captains to find out how it all works.😀

27 September 2016

Tuesday Sept. 27, 2016 Left Edmonton 1 1/2 late Sept. 26 but had a very uneventful flight. Arrived London Gatwick at 12 noon. A little later than expected but we were greeted by two wonderful people. Had to go shopping for gluten free items and then went out for supper at The Anchor Pub. 😀